Have you ever thought about music for the summer?

It's all about HAPPY!!

With so much to do this summer in Litchfield county, why not try something new and awe inspiring? The Litchfield Jazz camp has just that opportunity for you!! Starting this Sunday July 11th, the Litchfield Jazz camp kicks off and runs though August 6th.  It runs in four one week sessions! This is a sure bet for a new spin on your summer vacation. Located on the campus of Kent School in Kent, CT, this beautiful section of the Litchfield Hills is sure to get you pumped for music!!

The Litchfield Jazz fest also has plenty of other opportunities for you this summer. Be sure to check them out!!!

FREE CONCERTS!!! Litchfield Jazz fest presents ” Kent has that Jazz”  30 free concerts that run from July 12th-August 7th.

The Litchfield Jazz Fest celebrates 15 years!! August 6th-August 8th at the Kent School in Kent,CT

So what are you waiting for?? Get up off that couch or home computer and try something new this summer!! The Litchfield Jazz fest and camp have so much to offer!

For further information, check out their website at: www.litchfieldjazzfest.com/lpa/calendar/upcoming-events

The Litchfield Jazz Fest

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