Main Street Marketplace is another huge success!

Main Street Marketplace
Main Street Marketplace

The downtown marketplace in downtown Torrington was an absolute huge success. It was held on Thursday July 8th, 2010. This was the chambers second event. It is held every Thursday throughout the summer. Tonights theme was all about eating and my oh my that food was out of this world!! Our neighbors make some pretty good food around here.

Linda McMahon was also on the scene celebrating her grand opening of the downtown Torrington campaign office. If you stopped in, you’d be sure to be to find many ipads at your convenience!  This was to help to get volunteers signed up! Mayor Ryan Bingham was also on the scene tonight welcoming the weekender’s and catching up with folks in town.  Further down on Main Street, you’d find the Northwest CT Chamber tent featuring a delightful cookbook with recipes from all of our neighbors here in Litchfield County, including recipes from State Representative Michelle Cook, who, could really cook! The purchase of this book for just $10 went directly to help support the Northwest Connecticut Welcome & Information Center, which involves moving and restoring the old Skee’s Diner.

After spending nearly three hours at the event, networking with folks from the county and tasting the local cuisine, what did I walk out with? Plenty of corn….fresh food from farm to table. The Litchfield County way of life.

Hope to see y’all next time!

Farm to table. Fresh corn from the country!

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