The weekenders have left….until next weekend.

The weekend has come and gone, and all the weekenders have left the hometowns until next weekend. Ahh, those good ol’ New Yorkers who make thier end of the week pilgramge from the city to the Litchfield Hills!

It’s an escape from the hustle and bustle. Escape from the pressure and the noise that brings them to our little corner of the state. They certainly love to spend thier weekends out here in the country! So many of us, however, have our own reserved oppinions about the New Yorkers that come here. Some love them here adding that they make a huge impact on the economy since most of us are just blue collar workers. Others think they create more trouble than needed.

What’s your take? Are they bringing with them thier city lives and forgetting to leave it at the door? Are they friendly or are they disregarding the friendly small town atmosphere we’ve come to love here in Litchfield County?

Think about and join in on the conversation! I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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