Tour of the Litchfield Hills

Come one come all! The seventh annual Tour of the Litchfield Hills is Sunday August 1st, 2010!!! An event you don’t want to miss.  Completely non-competitive, join as a group or as an individual.  All activities begin at Coe Park in downtown Torrington between the hours of 6:00-10:15AM, depending on the event type. Check their website listed below for more details!

This event is an awesome way to get out and meet your fellow neighbors here in Litchfield county. However, that’s not all it’s great for! Their mission is to raise funds for cancer residents living, working, or receiving treatments of cancer here in northwestern Connecticut. In fact, last year alone, the tour raised an astonishing $90,000.00 in cash donations!! We can beat that number this year..but not without your help! Sign up today and take a tour on foot or on bike of the scenic Litchfield Hills! Hurry, you must sign up prior to August 1st so be sure to visit their website today!

We look forward to all the excitement!


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