A morning to remember

I’ve always said it was the people of Litchfield county that makes this place as special as it is.  You’ll find some incredibly happy people in these hills. Today was no different. My day started at around 4:30 this morning when I decided I just had enough sleep. I simply couldn’t bare to sleep any longer. I woke up feeling great and was destined to get this day started on the right foot. At about 5:30, I headed out for coffee and a short morning drive, coffee is essential for me in the morning. I decided to get my fix of caffeine from the Dunkin Donuts on South Main Street in Torrington.  In front of me on South Main Street was another driver who was going to pull in to Dunkin Donuts, so I did what is customary around here: I let her go in ahead of me, and she kindly waved thank-you to me.

That wasn’t all she did. I ordered my coffee, medium iced french vanilla light and sweet, and proceeded to drive up to the window to make my payment, waiting for the woman who I let in front of me pay for her order. She then drove off and was ready to start her day. As I pulled up to the window, the man behind the window said “Your all set. She paid for you.” I was speechless. “What???” I said in absolute amazement. “Are you serious right now?”

The man kept insisting she paid so finally I believed him, of course I was still in astonishment of what was all occurring here at 5:30 on a Thursday morning. So once I got into some type of realization, I handed him my card and said “Here, pay for the car behind me.” He started laughing and pretty much couldn’t believe what was happening himself.

I don’t know who you are, but I would like to thank-you for paying for my morning coffee. You made my day, and I’m hoping to have done the same thing to the car that was behind me that I payed for. I love this place. I love small town USA. I love the people of Litchfield county….

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