Dancing storms

Clean up efforts in Thomaston

Boom! Pow! Crack! Sound familiar? It should! If you were in Litchfield county today July 21st 2010, you experienced some pretty violent storms that seemed to dance on through. What an experience it was!  I got home at roughly 9:30 this morning from my overnight shift at work. At about 3:30PM, I was awoken by what sounded like rocks being thrown at my window. When I leaped out of my bed, it certainly was quite the different scenario. The sky was black. The rain was blinding and blowing sideways from the maximized pressure of the wind. Hail was included and was the culprit behind those rocks I heard against my window. Not a minute later, I watched as two lightning bolts came crashing to the ground on the ridge that is viewed from my house.  For a moment, I had to make sure that this was still Litchfield county and not Kansas.

Once the storms have settled, somewhat, I decided to take a driving tour to southern Litchfield county where conditions were far worse according to reports on Doppler radar by the local news station Channel 3 WFSB, which did a remarkable job of covering the storm at the height of it through Litchfield county.

As I headed south on Route 8 by exit 42 at the Harwinton and Litchfield lines, I noticed the very low cloud cover that danced on top of the hills. What a sight! Though little did I know, this was only the beginning of things yet to come. Continuing south through Campville,  Route 8 was covered by some heavy debris, leaves and branches dotted the roadside. Though nothing all that serious….yet. I decided to get off of exit 39 in Thomaston and check out the scene by the Thomaston dam. There, there was certainly some action just waiting to be discovered. Downed trees dominated much of the area. CL&P crews as well as local volunteer fire departments were already on the scene helping with the cleanup. Roads completed covered by debris, and the smell of wet pine was in the air (one of my favorite scents).

Thomaston Dam looking north toward Torrington.

The scene from the dam was yet another amazing scene. Not too muchdamage other than a downed tree at the entrance gate, but the view again was breathtaking.  More low lying clouds dancing along the hills of the valley. As I admired the view, I remember hearing about the “reported” tornado in Litchfield, so I decided to take a trip up through Northfield and into Litchfield. The drive through Northfield was rough. Trees down in multiples. Roadways again covered in debris. I didn’t think it could get much worse than this. When I arrived in Litchfield, it was indeed worse. Power was out to the center of town. Debris covered the usually clean upscale town. Photographers capturing the essence from the path of destruction. Though no buildings were damaged, at least that I was aware of, the scene was far different than what I was used to in Litchfield.

Everywhere in southern and central Litchfield county the scene was consistent. The landscape was dominated by debris and downed trees. However, here in Litchfield county we have something that we love about storms:  the calm there after. I was fortunate enough to capture some amazing sights with the camera on my iPhone.  What I captured, tells a story of what we have to look forward to when the storms pass. We’re fortunate enough to live in this beautiful countryside, and mother nature loves to remind us of just how beautiful it is….

Barn in Northfield

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2 thoughts on “Dancing storms”

  1. Gorgeous shots!

    I live in Waterbury, and at about 4:15 or maybe even closer to 4:30, I saw some swirling clouds gathering. It was a fantastic sight. They were almost funnel clouds, but dissipated pretty quickly. I also saw a nice streak of lightening and then the smoke from it rising up seconds later. There’s nothing like a good thunderstorm!


    1. Thank-you for the compliment. I love photography. Nature shots have always been my best. I have discovered that the iPhone takes some pretty amazing pictures, though soon I hope to upgrade to a Nikon! It was quite the experience up here yesterday, nothing like a good thunderstorm is right! Though I don’t think many people would agree with us, especially those that were left shaking in their boots so to speak from the damage… =)


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