Keeping it local

Cornwall covered bridge

Small towns. Theres just something about them. Something that makes the world around us seem closer. Here in Litchfield county, were mainly small town, and were pretty proud of that.  Life just seems different. Moving from the city…life to me is surely different. Were all about helping each other out. The sense of community is very much strong around here, and so are the businesses that make the community what it is.

Small town USA is all about the mom and pops. Their our neighbors who are just trying to earn a buck.  I find it incredibly important to help these folks out. I often frequent many of the local businesses. After all, their what keeps our towns running and our sense of community strong! I’m a huge supporter of the 3/50 Project. This project is all about you selecting three locally owned businesses and spending fifty dollars per month at each of these businesses. As their famous saying goes, for every one hundred dollars spent monthly in a locally owned independent store, sixty eight dollars returns to the community rather than forty three dollars if you were to spend that one hundred dollars at a nation chain. That to me was very important, after all it only takes one person to start the trend, ourselves.

Breakfast at Scarpelli's

Living in Torrington, I’m proud to support the locals. One of my favorite places to stop for breakfast is Scarpellis. Now mind you, this place has been around for years. It has survived many recessions and has a pretty loyal following with the locals. In fact, I could pretty much walk in every morning and see the same familiar faces enjoying a great breakfast. Their the regulars and they know a thing or two about this place. The main secret is that it’s a great place to go when your on a budget, as most of us are. The atmosphere may not be all that,  but it’s just a regular place to go to see some pretty regular faces.

When I moved to Litchfield county, I knew I had to go local. That included

Torrington Savings Bank

my bank.  Ditching the old big time corporate bank I was used to and moving to a small community bank was perhaps the best thing I had ever done. Not only do I know the people handling my finances, but I also know where my money is going to and what exactly it is helping to do here in Litchfield county. As I’ve always said, it’s the people of this place that make it what it is and I’m proud to support them in anyway I could.

Another place that I absolutely love is Nirvana Healthbar in downtown Torrington. What a place! What an atmosphere! If your into the whole healthy alternative organic lifestyle, this place is for you! Smoothies, coffee, food all at your command and all of it tastes just as good as it sounds on the big menu boards that are on the wall behind the counter. They often host many local bands, in fact, tonight Friday July 23rd they have a spectacular metal band called Groundhog from 7-10PM. Be sure to check them out if your not doing anything! They also usually have open Mic, what a great way to get the community involved! Speaking of involved, they also have a Facebook page where they love to keep the locals “in the know” of what’s happening in downtown as well as at their establishment.

Yes, life in small town USA is great.  The feeling of togetherness is amazing. Many of the New Yorkers who frequent the area during the summer and on the weekends love just that. However, I find it incredibly important that we get them involved with our local businesses. After all, they have the money to spend and the more they spend at our locally owned mom and pops, the better our economy will be here in northwestern Connecticut.

Let’s keep it local….

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