Highway 7: One amazing trip

Highway 7 through Sharon

Highway 7 is an amazing north south highway here in Litchfield county.Okay, so I’ll admit it’s not an actual highway like those of 95, 91, or route 8. It’s more of rural secondary road that is a main artery. It is indeed one of my favorite destinations in the area. It’s best known for one famous state park that is accessible from it: Kent Falls State Park. Fantastic vistas there. Cascading waterfalls that will have you head over heels in no time. This past Saturday, I decided to ride highway 7 the best way I knew how: on bike. No, I’m not talking about a motorcycle. I’m referring to a mountain bike that gets you zero MPG! It’s one of the best ways to see this place in my opinion. More so in the autumn as the leaves display vibrant colors and offer you some amazing photography opportunities. Though still, there’s nothing like a great Saturday bike ride to get the heart pumping.

Housatonic river along Highway 7

My trip kicked off at around 11AM. I drove down to Cornwall Bridge andparked my car in Housatonic Meadows State Park, unloaded my bike off the back of my car and was ready to begin my journey. Highway 7 offers you some fantastic scenery. For those of you unaware, this north south road runs parallel to the Housatonic river, offering you the sights of the Housatonic valley with plentiful mountain views.  As an amateur photographer, I was pretty eager to capture the natural surroundings.  To those who know, this place is all natural. Your surrounded not by homes or businesses but by so many miles of the great outdoors. Though not all of highway 7 is rural. There are parts that travel through busy towns like those of New Milford or further north Great Barrington and Pittsfield in Berkshire county Massachusetts.

Along the way I felt at ease. Snapping shot after shot after shot of some of the greatest scenery in the area. Though all this biking was really getting me hungry. I decided it was time for a bite to eat, but where would you go to eat when your way out in, well, the sticks? Luckily, I knew of a great place.

Wandering Moose Cafe in Cornwall just by the covered bridge is an excellent place to go. The friendliest staff. The freshest of food. The quintessential New England atmosphere we all love. All of this all in one place. Perfect! What could be better! I decided on a salad and a cold sandwich. Reasonable prices, all for under ten bucks. Now, I was planning on having something that wasn’t at all going to fill me rather hold me over until I can get some real food back home. I mean, for ten bucks what was I to expect? Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong! Perfect size proportions and I ended up eating the entire two plates of food I had. Either this food was wicked good, or I was wicked hungry. Either way, this place cooked up a fantastic lunch! As I started back out on my trip, ready to head back to the car, I didn’t want the day to end. I was simply having a great time enjoying the ride, enjoying the scenery, and the quintessential New England food journey I had just been through. As I rode through the covered bridge, I couldn’t help but say to myself: I can’t wait to return to do this all again in the fall.
Cornwall covered bridge
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