The Litchfield Hills: The cultural difference

Cornwall Bridge Christmas 2009

Connecticut as a small state has so much to offer yet varies so much by region. Everything from accent to attitude changes based by what part of the state you live in.   Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills are no different. This is western New England.  Western New England is very much different compared the coastal areas. The coastal areas are more urbanized and carry with it a faster pace of life. Out here in western New England, we are the epic face of New England. Rural, laid back, and bringing back grandmas homemade apple pie. Out here hip hop and R&B don’t dominate the land, it’s all country and rock! Out here, the urbanized New York accents fade out and instead of saying “Cwoffee” we say “cAffee”. Welcome, to where New England English proudly takes over!

Yes, western New England screams different in so many ways. However with

Kent Falls State Park

more and more people escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and coming to live out here, are we in fact changing to a whole new culture?  Is our quintessential New England ways slowly departing? So many people say yes, however I beg to differ. Working in the coastal area and living out here in western New England, the difference between the two are still incredibly visible. We haven’t lost touch with who we really are, yet. We still eat and breathe Nascar. We still rather “Rock out” at the local “Pubs” rather than go “Bar Hopping”.

I think it’s incredibly important to keep the culture that we all have been born and raised with. If we let our New England attitudes fade, then we have done wrong to future New Englanders and to those who have come out here for a change of life, who fell in love with

Apple Pie

our New England ways of living. After all, living here, you don’t have to travel far for that grandmas homemade apple pie I was talking about….

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