A Hidden Gem in Torrington

Many don’t know about a hidden gem here in Torrington. It’s one of the best

Bridge on the greenway

things to happen in Torrington in quite some time. Well, I’m letting this secret gem out of the bag. Meet the Still River Greenway! This 3 mile greenway located in the Burville section of town just by Winsted is a great escape for the entire family. Burville is a very rural section of town but have no fear! This greenway follows Winsted Road which is a main road connecting Torrington and Winsted. The greenway also follows the Still River, for which it’s named for. Parking is available at three great locations, one at each end of the trail.

Wildflowers along the greenway

Along the way, you’ll find many great things in your travels. Around here nature is abundant! During the spring time, I was able to capture some amazing photography of the wildflowers that grow along side the majority of the trail. The Still river flows quietly as you glide along with your bike capturing the essence of rural Burville. If you happen to get a little hungry along the way, or need some water to quench your thirst, The Burrville Store is more than happy to please you! Their grinders are wicked good! Just enough to please the appetite and fuel your greatness to continue the rest of the way on the trail. At family friendly prices, your sure to have enough money left over in your pocket to head back and discover all the amazing sights and sounds of downtown Torrington.

This greenway is sure to delight you. You’ll find yourself in rather good company as you’ll meet some pretty friendly folks along the way. Don’t be afraid to say hello and engage in some conversation! After all, that friendly attitude is the great thing about Litchfield county and how better to experience it first hand then on a local greenway…

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