Main Street Marketplace: Our Story.

Main Street Marketplace
Main Street Marketplace on Thursday July 8th.

Main Street Marketplace in Torrington has been the talk of Litchfield county this summer. Residents and tourists alike flock to downtown Torrington every Thursday to see what all the fuss is about. When they get there, they realize this is something bigger than they expected. This event has dramatically changed the face of Torrington….

Thousands join in each week to network with one another, show their support for the local economy, and catch a bite to eat while enjoying the sights and sounds of the European style marketplace. This is the new face of Torrington, a re-energized Torrington. The marketplace has brought with it so much energy that there is a new found outlook for the city that we all have come to love.  Downtown redevelopment certainly feels alive more than ever before. There’s so much support out there for the city that we love, and the marketplace captures it all.

On the Facebook fan page, I asked for feedback about the marketplace from a

Candy Bouquet

few of the locals, which is why the title of this blog is “our story”.  The responses were incredible. This marketplace has made a true impact on peoples lives in the local area. Take Tara Lindberg-Stevens for example owner of Candy Bouquet. “I started my Candy Bouquet business just this past March.” she writes. “I started giving some thought to going storefront where candy sales would carry me through the not so many bouquets season. So when one of the organizers contacted me about the marketplace, I saw it as an opportunity to increase my sales in my slow season but more importantly, to get a feel for what kind of reception the public would give me if I went storefront.”

Well, Tara did just that! Tara is currently a vendor at the Marketplace and you can find her and her candies there every Thursday. Thanks to the marketplace, her life and her business has changed dramatically. “From the very first week the number one question we get is “wow, where’s your store?”  Every week dozens of people ask that question. The response we were hoping for has been far surpassed!” Tara says. “We are now in negotiations for a space downtown. If all continues as planned Candy Bouquet should be opening a store to serve all our fellow candy fanatics right in the heart of downtown Torrington by this fall.”

Main Street Marketplace festivities

Wow! Talk about an impressive story to tell! This Marketplace has certainly changed her life in so many ways! The marketplace is a great place for exposure of local businesses, the mom and pops of our town that we so desperately need to hold onto. The marketplace is great for business owners and non-business owners alike. Kathy writes into us ” I went to the last marketplace and enjoyed myself. I went with my husband, we enjoyed hanging out at the Brew Pub across from the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Players. We had a nice time visiting with people who walked by that we knew! I would recommend it.”

So many people had so many positive things to say about the marketplace. It’s truly an  experience not to miss out on!  Though Kathy does continue to say ” I think it would be a nice idea for some of these businesses to leave the outdoor tables throughout the summer.” Kathy, you couldn’t be more right. I completely agree with you. As for my perspective, I believe outdoor dining needs to be a part of downtown Torrington. Furthermore, I believe the marketplace has sparked so many great things not only for our town but for the locals that live here. We all have a vision of what Torrington will look like in the future, it’s important that we all become a part of it today to build the Torrington of tomorrow.

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