A milestone

As of eleven o’clock on August 2, 2010 we reached a milestone here at In touch..with the Litchfield Hills. Our Facebook fan page has reached one-hundred fans! This is quite the number, and quite impressive. However, without loyal fans like you, none of this would have been possible. Since our start back in July of this year we have had many successes. We have been featured on many numerous Facebook pages such as Mary LeBlanc Real Estate, Rick Distel Litchfield Hills Sothebeys International Real Estate, Candy Bouquet, Tummytoteenz consignment shop, and the Facebook page of Ann Nyberg WTNH News New Haven

Mike Valletta


It has been quite the journey. However our mission has not changed. We aim to connect Litchfield county with Litchfield county, bringing the people and places that we all have come to love, together at the end of each day. Furthermore, we aim to promote the Litchfield Hills region and display the positives of the beautiful countryside of which we live in. Our story is not yet over, we have only just begun. When I began this blog, it was originally intended as a place for conversation.  I never really gave it much thought to what it would amount to.

I’m proud to live in the Litchfield Hills and I’m proud to have this blog promoting the Litchfield Hills region. I look forward to being a part of this community and serving the community for many years to come. Thank-You all again for helping me to achieve this milestone and remember in the Litchfield Hills, life is good!

Mike can be reached for comment at: NorthwestCTMike@aol.com

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