Birthday Celebration

Mike Valletta

Every so often, I sneak in a personal blog into “In touch..with the Litchfield Hills”. I guess my reasoning is to add a more personal level with my readers. For me, being able to express my own identity rather than that of what mainstream tells us to express is important. Hey, were all individuals here right?  I firmly believe that my personal connections with not only my readers but to the community of which I live in and serve is important. i couldn’t think of any other way to be more connected than to gather everyone around at the end of the day with a blog.

Tommorow, August 16th, I will be celebrating my 24th birthday. I often ask myself whatever happened to the first 24 years, I guess life just really flies by doesen’t it? One minute your out playing hide and go seek with your friends in the woods and the next your trying to play hide and go seek with your boss at work. Not that I do that of course. I learned my lesson from actually getting lost playing hide and go seek when I was a child, that’s a whole different story to tell. I guess the point I’m trying to make is that life moves pretty fast, and if your not paying attention, you might really miss all the good stuff there is to life itself. That’s part of the reason why I’m here blogging away about life in Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills. There’s so much that so many people just don’t pay attention to around here. We really live in a very beautiful area of the state, and many people seem to take it for granted. If we all slowed down and enjoyed what surrounds us, we’d know what’s really here and we wouldn’t take it so much for granted.

As a community blogger, I aim not only to promote the Litchfield Hills, but to draw attention to things that some of the locals may have not even heard about themselves. Many of my blogs promote the local businesses. I’m a firm believer in buying local. As you may know, my blog is a proud supporter of the 3/50 project. Buying local not only helps your neighbors who run those businesses, but also helps you by keeping more of that money in your community. After all, our community needs us now more than ever.

Living in Torrington I’ve seen many positive changes over the past year.

Main Street Marketplace

 Many may not have noticed due to a busy lifestyle. Let’s take Main Street Marketplace for example. It has helped to promote many local businsses, be sure to read my widely popular blog here all about Main Street Marketplace and the success of a local vendor. As I’ve said, for the things that you don’t see is the reason why I’m here. I’m out promoting the good of the Litchfield Hills region. As I celebrate my 24th birthday I do so low profile. I never really want anything for my birthday nor do I expect it. For me, everyday  I have a chance to live is a gift for me. Though this year, I have asked for one thing: for more folks to shop the local scene. I would hope that you do. You’d be quite surprised of just what you might find or who you might run into. You might even make a new friend of two. If your ever in need of finding local businesses, just check our Facebook Fan Page here and check out their fan pages which we have listed on the left hand side.

Here’s to my twenty-fouth, and here’s to being a little more local.

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