Leaf peepers, start your engines!

Autumn in The LC on 8.16.2010


Autumn is a wonderful time of year here in the Litchfield Hills. It’s the time of year that these hills really come alive. Displaying it’s vibrant colors and attracting visitors by the droves. We’re used to early fall’s here in the hills being how our climate is, however this year, we’re starting even earlier.  The photo to your left was taken on August 16th of 2010, already displaying it’s warm colors like a pastel painting. Traveling through Litchfield county you will see many signs of fall already in bloom. Many hillsides are just starting to come alive, though if your worried about making it up here in time, no worries. You still have plenty of time before peak.  As of now, it is mainly sporadic and maintained in the highest of elevations and cooler valley locations. Though if your looking to get a jump start on photography, now is the perfect time. 

As the summer winds down and fall begins to bloom, there’s really no place  else like the Litchfield Hills to really get a taste of autumn in New England. Warm up to homemade apple cider, made from apples right here in Litchfield County. Maybe your looking for a little breakfeast treat? Maple syrup is in vast supply around here. Maple lines are visable year round and ready to pour maple syrup out until your hearts content. One of my personal favorite things to do in autumn is to travel the numerous dirt roads that we have around here and get away from the mainstream tourists areas. These roads, I feel, offer some of the best photography opportunities. thier quiet, hardly traveled, and offer you peace and serenity as you take in all that a New England fall has to offer you.

A fantastic place to start and end your travels through the hills is


Signs of Autumn captured on 07.11.2010


Torrington. Torrington is the heart of the Litchfield Hills region and offers an abundance of tourism information.  Just stop in to any of the local resteraunts, stores, and pubs and you’ll meet one of our friendly locals ready to assist you in your journey. While in town,  may I suggest Burr Pond State Park? Burr Pond is a wonderful place to really start your journey. Nestled here in the Litchfield Hills and a popular destination for those looking to escape the city. Nearby Lakeridge offers many New Yorkers a part time or full time residence out here in the countryside. Once you arrove at Burr Pond, take a hike. Litteraly! There is an entire trail that surrounds the entire pond and here is really your opportunity to get in touch with nature as well as capture some amazing photos.

I will continue to bring you updates throughout the fall as well as travel ideas. Though now, it’s time to start your engines, clean your camera lenses, pack your bags and travel northward, eastward, westward or southward to Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills.
Mike can be reached for comment at: NorthwestCTMike@aol.com

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