Tranquility at the lake

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Tranquility. It’s something we find oh so often here in the Litchfield Hills. In fact, it’s so abundant, it’s almost everywhere you turn, even in industrialized Torrington and Winsted. Tranquility is what brings so many visitors to the area year round. In fact, the Litchfield Hills region is the number two region in all of Connecticut as a tourist destination. The nearby Berkshires to the north is ranked as a National Geographic top ten destination. For those unfamiliar, the Litchfield Hills are actually a continuation of the Berkshires.

In Litchfield county, you will find many lakes. Though one in perticular strikes a cord with almost all visitors. Welcome to Lake Waramag. Nestled in the towns of Kent, Washington, and New Preston lies a lake so impressive, it is the second home to many very wealthy and well known people. The hills surrounding the lake are abundant and if you look closely it almost looks as though their sliding right into the water. A few farms nestle the hillsides, in fact even wineries dot the landscape.  Hopkins Vineyard is a spectacular and must see vineyard on Lake Waramag. They have been making wine in Connecticut for over thrity years and offer many varieties of award winning wine. These folks know a thing or two about hard work and they invite you to their vineyard for tours and so much more.

Though wineries aren’t all Lake Waramag has to offer. Romantic New England Inn’s also dot the landscape. Meet The Boulders Inn on the New

Lake Waramag and it's rolling hills

 Preston side of the lake. This Inn has been rated as excellent by the Zagats.  Built in 1890, your sure to find yourself stepping back in time as you nestle yourself into this country Inn at the lake. Take in the magnificent views that the Inn has to offer. In fact, the Inn sits directly on the lake, only the main road lies in between you and unpresidented beauty. Fall is coming quickly and this Inn is sure to be booked in no time so be sure to make your reservations early. The Inn is also complete with  a spa and resteraunt that is sure to delight and make your romantic getaway to the Litchfield Hills complete.

Biking the lake is more than just an opportunity, it’s welcomed! Be sure to take your bike along because if you don’t, you’ll regret it. I often have many opportunities to bike around here and it is absolutely breahtaking. The main road that surrounds the lake is your guide and offers many photo opportunities for nature lovers and family photos alike. One will also regret it if they forget to bring their camera along for the ride. Stonewalls are abundant and tell a tale of rustic New England.

Tranquility is what this place is really all about. All we have to do is drive to it to take in a breath of fresh air….

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    1. mikevalletta says:

      Thank-You Tony! Glad to see you enjoyed! Bring a friend or two to this lake, it’s well worth the trip!

      -Mike Valletta


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