The secrets out

Litchfield Counties Twin Lakes offer magnificent mountain views.

Northwest Connecticut‘s Twin Lakes. My guess is that you’ve probably never heard of them. It’s no surprise either. Thier not widely talked about or promoted for that matter. Well, consider this secret out of the bag. I just can’t keep something so beautful a secret. Settled just to the south of the Massachussets border lies a land of beauty and enchantment. Gorgeous mountain views will take your breath away. However, these mountains have a tale to tell. In the 19th century, this area was the center of the iron industry. One mountain in perticular, Mt. Riga, was home to one of the most prosperous blast furnaces in the world. Throughout the northwest corner, you can find many blast furnaces, still telling a tale of what made this area so popular. Though the iron days are gone, this area is still very popular: for the rich and famous. Movie stars, film makers, music artists and more call this area of Connecticut home, or their home away from home. Don’t be surprised if you bump into one at a local coffee shop. They blend in with the local scene quite well, and the locals don’t seem to mind.

Though my visit to the area today didn’t involve any famous faces, it did

Between the Lakes Rd in Sailsbury,CT

 involve spending time with the beauty that surrounded me. I decided to take my bike out for a ride on Between the Lakes Rd in Sailsbury.  This road is something many people in Connecticut would think exsisted only in states such as Vermont or New Hampshire to the north. No my friends, dirt roads are everywhere in Connecticut, especailly out here in the Litchfield Hills.  Bumpy described the ride but the smile on my face was priceless as I biked my way on this country backroad. This area is a favorite of mine, especially during the fall as the leaves become a fall festival of colors. Many backroads in Litchfield county offer you splendor and an undisturbed view of the world around you. This is primarily in thanks to private landowners and The Highlands Coalition , which is a four state alliance to protect our mountainous region here on the east coast.

Fall foliage in August

Continuing my tour of  Between the Lakes Rd signs of fall were everywhere. Leaves starting to change colors or already on the ground in some places led to some magnificent photo opportunities. A dry summer is largely to thank for this. Not only did I notice the fall foliage, but I noticed many friendly people. The folks who live around here werent afraid to give a friendly wave or come up to you and say hello. This attitude is by far what sets the Litchfield Hills apart from many other areas of Connecticut. Small town New England charm at it’s best, or maybe it’s because these people are eating so much trout. The Twin Lakes boast itself as one of the finest trout fisheries in Connecticut. Again, this might come as no surprise considering not too many people have heard of it. Though at least it keeps the locals happy.

I loved my journey to the Twin Lakes and I hope you’ll be able to discover

Bliss on the Twin Lakes

 the area for yourself, especially this fall! Be sure to bring your boat along as well. A state boat launch to East Twin Lake is just minutes from Between the Lakes Rd on Twin Lakes Rd in Sailsbury and provides you with some space for parking though if your looking for bigger space, check out the Twin Lakes Marina which is also on Twin Lakes Rd. There rentals, service, storage, sales, and a resteraunt all await your visit to the Twin Lakes of beautiful northwestern Connecticut!

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