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Mike Valletta from In touch…with the Litchfield Hills visits artist Joe Kopler

Each and everyday, I network with hundreds of diffrent people. Day in and day out each one has thier own story to tell. One in perticular really struck a cord with me. Meet Joe Kopler, a local Litchfield Hills artist who’s painting his way to success. A man on a mission. A man like no other. It’s not everyday we run into people who are so compelled to tell their story, and who are so passionate about their life and thier work. Joe is a man of integrity and a man of character. He’s really unlike any artist I’ver ever met before. He was so down to earth I was left speechless. Often when you think of artist you think of people who have large expensive art galleries and live in a fairytale world. No my friends, not this man. This man is real and is really in touch with the real world. Joe paints many portraits of life here in the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut. His paintings have made him famous here in the northwest corner. Local newspapers like the Winsted Journal have featured him on their front page in recent weeks.

Touring Joes art gallery which is in the basement of his home was such a

Joe’s thee dimensional artwork is unlike any other.

fantastic opportunity. Though it was so much more than an opportunity. This was thrilling! Awe inspiring! So much to see and feel in one little room. So much greatness compacted into such a tiny little space. You really felt how passionate this man was about his work all from this one little room. His paintings tell a story of life here in the Litchfield Hills, just as great as Norman Rockwell did in the nearby Berkshires to the north.  Paintings such as the Litchfield town green, local churches, town halls, and Christmas Village in Torrington all are here at your fingertips to see what our life up here is really all about. Though his paintings are unlike any other I’ve ever seen before. Thier three dimensional. Rivers pop out at you and look as though they are flowing right into you and carrying you away. People look so life like, that their better than any picture a photographer can take. Speaking of, Joe did a remarkable job capturing the photo that was taken of his two children and turning it into a painting, which was far better than that picture!

Joe paints many scenes of the Litchfield Hills like these of the Christmas Village in Torrington (Top) and the town of Litchfield (Below)

Everywhere you turned in this gallery you saw inspiration. You saw a man putting together a well told story better than any words could ever describe. You really have to see it to believe it. You have to feel what I felt like when I was there. Joe is an inspiration to us all and continues to be the Robin Hood of the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut. Once you meet this man, you’ll understand why I am the way I am. You’ll understand why negativity is never the way to go. If you want to get anywhere you dream to be, you have to keep a clear positive head, and that’s exactly what Joe is doing, and he invites you along for the ride, because it’s not where you go that’s important, it’s how you got there, and Joe is painting his way and is having fun doing it.

Joe’s artwork is displayed in Karens Cafe on Main Street in Winsted.

Want to know more about Joe Kopler? Become a fan of his on Facebook!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Iliana Bussell says:

    Terrific write up! It’s about time Joe started getting the recognition he deserves. I also love his art and have been to his gallery. It must be seen in person as pictures don’t do his art any justice. As you mention, it’s Joe’s personality, positive outlook, passion and drive that inspires. Go Joe!!!


    1. mikevalletta says:

      You betchya!! Positive energy is the driving force in ones life. Joe is a great example of it and is truely an inspiration to us all! Thank-You =)


  2. Shawn says:

    We need more Joe’s in America!!


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