A boutique not to miss

Send a postcard from Torrington! Available in Brazen Betties in downtown Torrington.

Brazen Betties is a unique experience like no other. Step into a world of fun. Step into a world of class. Step into local! Brazen Betties, located on Main Street in Torrington showcases local Connecticut fashion designers and artists. Julia Sloan, who is the proud owner of the boutique, has such an extreme amount of energy that her positive ora will completely light up your day. Even if it’s the worst of days! This woman has spunk, and her store displays her persoanlity perfectly.

Brazen Betties not only offers you the best that Connecticut has to offer, they

Raggie is northwest Connecticut slang for a person of downward social mobility and backwoods isolation.

 also have the best local gifts. The Milltown Collective is an initative to “promote Torrington as the city of the future through grassroots efforts emphasizing arts, culture, community, preservation and entrepreneurship.” Gifts such as T-shirts and coasters can be found in Brazen Betties and at extremely reasonable prices. You can even get your inner Northwestern Connecticut Raggie on. The term “Raggie” was coined in Litchfield County and is “Northwestern Connecticut slang for a person of downward social mobilityand backwoods isolation.”

Well, I might not be a raggie, but I am a proud to support this boutique that showcases local interest. There is so much to see and love in the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut that often so many of us take it for granted. This boutique is exactly what many local residents, including myself, need to be reminded of

Just one of the many Torrington gifts available at Brazen Betties.

what we came to fall in love with in the Litchfield Hills. Every now and then we need a little reminder, and with Julia Sloans positive energy she’ll be more than happy to remind you. Though Brazen Betties isn’t just a place for local residents to be reminded, it’s a place where tourists and newcomers alike should come to experience life in Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills.

Check out Brazen Betties online: Facebook. Boutique Website.

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