Telling your story

Mike Valletta Publisher/Editor

Here at In touch…with the Litchfield Hills, we strive to become a bigger part of the community. We strive to promote the Litchfield Hills region to the world. We strive to tell the story of life in the Litchfield Hills in a diffrent way. Today, is the dawn of a new day. Today, we announce our informal partnership with the local county paper, The Register Citizen. The Register Citzen is the complete source for local news in Litchfield county and broadcasts not only to 150,000 plus people in the Litchfield county, but to the world through it’s website. Our blog will be streaming live 24/7 on their webiste. This is an excellent time for us and for The Register Citizen as well. Our common mission is to promote the Litchfield Hills region and serve the community by promoting local businesses and the local people. What better way than to network with the leading source for news here in the northwest corner of Connecticut.

Our story is unlike no other. We began in mid July of this year. Since then we have been promoting the Litchfield Hills region to thousands of readers and we are often used as a source for tourism information and are popular with local real estate companies as they look for ways to sell the Litchfield Hills region to potential clients. I am very happy to announce this informal partnership with The Register Citizen but our work here is still not complete. A days work is never complete. There is always stories to be told. As a blogger, I enjoy connecting with local members of the community and telling their story to the world around us. Here in the Litchfield Hills, we have many people who just want someone to listen to them and want their story told. Listening to people is the most important part of life. Listening is growing and here at In touch..with the Litchfield Hills we are grwoing because of how well we listen to people. It’s an important part of who we are.

As we promote the Litchfield Hills region, we welcome you to join us. This is a community blog. If you have a story to tell, we’d love to take the time to listen to what you have to say. We look forward to telling your story and we look forward to being a part of the Litchfield Hills region for many years to come. This blog isn’t just for me. It’s for you. In fact, it’s all about you. It’s about the little guys. It’s about the mom and pops. It’s about the locals, because today, now more than ever, it’s Main Street that really matters.

Here is the August 30th,2010 story from The Register Citizen Newspaper. Register Citizen showcases work of local Torrington blogger focusing on Litchfield Hills

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