Mike Valletta

Daily Archives: August 31, 2010

Like so many in the Torrington area, my summer has been spent unwinding at nearby Burr Pond. Burr Pond offers splendor and tranquility while enjoying the unspoiled views around you. Many of my lazy summer days have been spent soaking up the sun on the sandy yet picturesque shore that is the perfect swimming hole to cool off, especialy in this summers extreme heat. Burr Pond is actually a state park managed… Read More

Looking at the latest forecast models for Earl clearly make you want to cringe. Connecticut, although not in a direct path, is in the western edge in the cone of uncertainty. We have been lucky not to have all that many hurricanes around here, though as everyone also knows, we are well overdue. Would it be possible for Earl to do damage in Litchfield county? I decided to get to the source…. Read More