Summers at Burr Pond

Burr Pond in Torrington offers unspoiled splendor in the heart of nature.

Like so many in the Torrington area, my summer has been spent unwinding at nearby Burr Pond. Burr Pond offers splendor and tranquility while enjoying the unspoiled views around you. Many of my lazy summer days have been spent soaking up the sun on the sandy yet picturesque shore that is the perfect swimming hole to cool off, especialy in this summers extreme heat. Burr Pond is actually a state park managed by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. Fee’s vary however a terrific nearby boat launch is in the middle of a hiking trail that circumfences the pond and if your willing to take a little hike, you can also gain access to the parks beach.

Yes, it has been a terrific and enjoyable summer, and it’s all thanks to those lazy summer days at Burr Pond. However, the suns setting on Burr Pond and

Picturesque sunsets at Burr Pond

 in the coming weeks Burr Pond will nestle itself away for a long winters nap. Though it will be truley missed, it was the memories that were created there that I will carry with me throughout the winter. This summer, I had the upmost pleasure of meeting so many different people wether it was the weekenders who were up from New York and staying in the local area or just fellow locals themselves, everyone I ran into was more than pleasant to talk to as well as more than willing to have a full conversation with you as if you had known them for a lifetime.

These hills are beyond magical. Once you step foot in them it’s like you’ve walked into a completely different world. So many friendly people that it makes you feel completely relaxed and unwound from the stresses of everyday life.  Burr Pond had the ability to really bring that magic all together, all in one conviently located place just bewtween the city of Torrington and Winsted in the Burrville section of Torrington, a more rural part of town. Burrville is home to Lakeridge, a popular resort style destination for New Yorkers looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the very busy and always on the go life in the city. Lakeridge lays on the western edge of the pond and is a gated community that offers everything from downhill skiing during the winter to horseback riding and tennis during the summer.

So, as the sun sets, we say goodbye, but it’s not goodbye for long. Soon we will be hibernating ourselves away for the long winters we have in the Litchfield Hills but before you know it, we’ll be back in our bathing suits soaking up next summers lazy summer days at Torrington’s Burr Pond State Park. I’ll be sure to see you there.

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