Will Earl make landfall?

Satelitte images of Earl

Looking at the latest forecast models for Earl clearly make you want to cringe. Connecticut, although not in a direct path, is in the western edge in the cone of uncertainty. We have been lucky not to have all that many hurricanes around here, though as everyone also knows, we are well overdue. Would it be possible for Earl to do damage in Litchfield county? I decided to get to the source.

Gil Simmons, of WTNH TV in New Haven has been following the storm since it’s inception.  This guy knows his stuff. I decided who better to ask than my Facebook friend Gil Simmons! Gil writes “Biggest impact in CT will be southeastern areas…especially in New London county! Winds 35 + MPH there with some heavy rain.” Yikes! What a way to start a weekend off. Though would Litchfield county see anything from all this? “Not much for Litchfield County.” says Gil.

What a relief. The last thing we need in the Litchfield Hills is a hurricane. With the abundance of trees that we have and remote locations having a hurricane in Litchfield County would be devastating. Though Gil does write to say “However, Saturday is a different story. A strong weather front and departing Earl will make for some strong gusts in our local area!”  Dealing with gusts sounds like good news to me. I’ll take some strong “gusts” rather than having a direct hit of a hurricane. The last time I went through any type of hurricane, persoanlly, was back in 2004 in South Florida surviving hurricanes Frances and Gean. I can’t tell you the amount of fun I had in those storms.

So Litchfield County, we can relax knowing that a direct hit most likely won’t be in our near future, at least for this week. Though as we all know, weather can change in an instant. Today it can look as though were not going to get anything, tommorow we can be a completely different story. Weather is almost never all that predicatable and is constantly changing. Keeping a close eye on the weather is always recommended. Here in the Litchfield Hills we got to know that warning very quickly this past summer as the amount of tornadoes and severe weather that impacted the area was almost a continuous story. Bright sunny days turning into hazy afternoons made for a perfect recipe for severe weather, and some of those ended up turning into tornadoes like the one that went through East Litchfield. Now, lets just hope Earl doesen’t make any last minute decissions.

Special thanks to Gil Simmons for his feedback this morning!

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