Lunch date with Rocket

Rocket fine street food in Torrington

The Rocket has landed in Torrington. Rocket fine street food that is.  What is Rocket? Rocket is fresh. Rocket is simple. Rocket is locally sourced.  Rocket is delicious! If you haven’t stopped by yet, I strongly suggest you do. Their located in the Oddo Print Shop parking lot on 142 East Main Street, Route 202, in Torrington. It’s pretty hard to miss. After all, you can’t miss a white truck with a black rocket painted on it.  

Today, I decided to go ahead and give Rocket a try for lunch. Now, I’ll have you know, I was in New Milford when I was thinking about Rocket which is at least a half hour away from the Torrington area. Anyways, I launched my way back to Torrington and headed over to Rocket. Once I got there, I caught up with Joe & Patricia who run the operation.  Their  way awesome and really know their  stuff.  Their  proud to support local companies and farmers, because in the end it’s the locals that matter.  Patricia was telling me all about how  their  soda, Avery Soda, was from right here in Connecticut. Avery Soda is located in New Britain and has been operating since 1904. It is one of the oldest soda bottling companies in all of New England. It’s a family run business that continues to deliver hospitable customer service, and Rocket is proud to carry it as you can hear how passionate Patricia was about supporting local companies.  

Taking a look at the menu there was so much to offer. Grilled Cheese,Green Chile Cheeseburgers….decisions, decisions! I decided on the Green Chile Cheeseburger which was made with naturally based beef, green chile sauce, monterrey jack and colby cheese all on a roll from the Collinsville Baking  

Delicious Green Chile Cheeseburger and Gazpacho with an Avery Birch Beer Soda.

 Company,also here in Connecticut. Though I had no idea what I was in for, it sounded pretty delicious. I also decided to order a Gazpacho. Never heard of it? It’s ripe native tomatoes blended together with a seasonal selection of refreshing veggies. Of course, after hearing Patricia’s story on Avery Soda, I decided on Avery soda birch beer. This was sure to be an action packed lunch. I could smell how delicious it was, and I can only imagine how it was going to taste when I got home.  

Well, not even ten minutes after I got home and the food was gone. Wiped clean. Not one bite left. Delicious! I was ready for seconds! Being a bachelor living in a bachelor pad, something affordable and delicious like Rocket really comes in handy. Rocket, you’ve made my day. A nice hearty locally sourced lunch was just the fuel I needed to, well, launch myself around town like a rocket.  

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