Mountain Majesty


Just one of the many views from Mohawks summit

 Mohawk Mountain here in the Litchfield Hills is really a hidden gem.  With it’s vistas of the rolling hills, it’s a sight you wouldn’t want to miss out on. These views really take my breath away every time I’m up there, and the view is constantly changing. They say the same vistas you see today are never the same vistas that you will see tomorrow. That couldn’t be any more correct. As the days progress, the views get better and better. With each changing season, brings a new set of views to these rolling hills. Fall brings out the best of the hills with it’s canvas of colors and winter blankets the hills in white. Spring is a new beginning and summer brings with it a lush landscape of green forests.

Mohawk Mountain displays all that and more. It’s mountain majesty brings

Mohawk Ski Area

 with it slightly cooler temperatures as it rises to 1,600 feet above sea level. A great escape for those hot summer days. A ski resorted is also located at the mountain, Mohawk Mountain Ski Area in Cornwall is the primer winter destination for skiing and riding here in the southern Berkshires. Mohawk makes snow, in fact they invented it! In 1948, Walt Schoenknecht who opened Mohawk in 1947,invented snow making. Back during the 2002-2004 seasons, I had the pleasure to work at this ski area which is family owned. I was a cafe employee who served things like food and hot chocolate to those looking to escape from the elements outside. It was a magnificent experience, however future opportunities awaited me.

Mohawk Mountain State Park is great. You start your journey at the parks entrance in Cornwall. A road leading to the summit welcomes you with open arms as you climb your way to the mountains summit. Along the way, you’ll travel through forest rich in natural resources and wildlife.  Beware of the bears if your hiking! Bears have become all to familiar here in the Litchfield Hills, and each year their population increases. Also along the way, you’ll find places to park your car and have lunch under the forest canopy. Picnic tables are located in various locations throughout the park.

Mohawk Pond offers isolation and tranquility in the heart of nature.

If your looking for scenic vistas in Litchfield county, this is the place you need to be.  Though it’s not only a great place to check out the scenery, it’s also a great place for artists to paint a landscape. Pack your canvas and art supplies, the numerous views will leave you quite busy. Looking to do a little fishing? Mohawk Mountain offers that too. Mohawk Pond, located on the mountains southern base, is in a secluded location right on the grounds of YMCA‘s Camp Mohawk.  Enjoy the natural surroundings while blissfully relaxing in the heart of nature.  When they say people come to the Litchfield Hills to unwind, these are the kinds of places that they are talking about. The Litchfield Hills offer you many great places to unwind, and Mohawk Mountain is happy to entertain you as a great starting point.

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