Congratulations Ryan!

Torrington Mayor Ryan Bingham and the first lady

Today, Saturday September 4th, our mayor of Torrington, Ryan Bingham, will wed his dearly beloved fiance Jennifer Clark. The two are a match made in heaven. Smart, talented, young, and energetic are all words to describe the pair. On a recent vacation to Las Vegas a few months back, Ryan proposed to Jennifer, the woman of his dreams and the woman who lights up his world, though most of all, this is the woman that keeps his energy going and keeps up his continuous positive momentum.  Ryan is exactly what Torrington needs and we are more than happy to call him our mayor. As a young gun, born May 5th of 1983, Ryan continues to thrive in success as the mayor of this fine city.

Under Ryan’s watch, the very successful summer event, Main Street Marketplace, took place in downtown. Lighting up spirits as hopes for downtown revitalization became renewed.  It is because of Ryan’s energy and his successful abilities to lead, as well as many countless energetic citizens,  that Torrington is once again becoming a thriving community and an up and coming city.
In touch…with the Litchfield Hills would like to wish Ryan and Jennifer all of the success in the world as they enter this new phase in their lives. Marriage is both exciting and rewarding. The city of Torrington couldn’t ask for a better couple and were excited to be a part of this transition.
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