Unwinding at the vineyard

Sunset Meadow Vineyards in Goshen,CT

This goes without saying, but we have many great places to discover right in our own backyard. Our neighbors are continually working hard to improve the area that they are proud to call home, and their proud to introduce it to as many people as possible. Recently, I had a chance to explore one of those great places. Sunset Meadow Vineyards, located in Goshen,CT is a fantastic exploration. A small, yet charming vineyard set atop the beautiful Litchfield Hills. Autumn is the perfect time of year to explore the vineyard, as well as do a little wine tasting.

Sunset Meadow Vineyard is just one of many of the wineries that is listed on  The Connecticut Wine Trail, which is trail that winds through picturesque towns of Connecticut bringing you to twenty of the finest vineyards that Connecticut has to offer. Surprisingly, not that many people knew that Connecticut had vineyards. When you think of vineyards, you often think of places like California. Consider Connecticut the east coast California then and the Litchfield Hills region as the Napa Valley. There’s so much wine for you to discover, and drink of course, in Connecticut.

Sunset Meadow Vineyards offers picturesque views like this photo.

My extraordinary visit to the vineyard was made even more extraordinary by Judy, a woman who knew everything there was to know about wine, and how to serve it! Being as this was my first ever wine tasting, I was curious of how the whole thing worked. I walked up to the counter in this rustic, yet barn like, tasting room at the vineyard. There, Judy introduced me to several different wines, everything from red wine to white wine was on the list. My taste buds were ready for action! My mouth watering like a bear looking at meat. Every kind of wine that was on the list sounded so good, that I wanted them all. Though I knew my limits. I knew I simply couldn’t do that.

To my surprise, Sunset Meadow Vineyards hasn’t been around all that long. In fact, they recently opened to the public just a few years ago, though have been growing and producing wine for the past ten years. The wine was so delicious, it was hard to believe they have only been around for such a short time! They have perfected it and my taste buds agreed. After my tasting, I couldn’t resist on buying a bottle of wine. No one should leave this place empty handed. It would be a sin! I decided on the Twisted Red, a very delicious red wine that would have me coming back for more very soon. Speaking of, I believe it’s calling my name. Pardon me while I enjoy a glass of wine, the local way, from Sunset Meadow Vineyards. It’s well worth the trip!

Sunset Meadow Vineyards offers a charming, yet rustic, tasting room.

Please visit Sunset Meadow Vineyards on the web: http://www.sunsetmeadowvineyards.com/

Be sure to check us out on The Register Citizen. Northwest Connecticut’s Local Newspaper: www.registercitizen.com

Winery Rating: 5 out of 5.

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