There’s no place like home

Everyday, I receive many e-mails and comments from readers who, not only thank me for what I do, but also share their memories with me. It’s a pretty great feeling. Living in Torrington, I have met so many wonderful people who, like me, are proud to call this place home. However, it was a comment from one reader in Florida who had previously lived in Torrington that sparked my interest, further reinforcing the fact that Torrington is such a great place to live.  John Maylott, a  Torrington native, commented on a previous article: Torrington Up and Coming.

 “I was born and raised in Torrington. I had the honor when I hit 16 to get my first real job in April of  ’58 working at Scarpellies on Migeon Ave. It was great, the best Drive In ever. I lived close on Norfolk road. Went to Forbes School k thru 6th grade, then to South school for 7th and 8th grade and the THS for Freshman and sophomore, Then Dad moved us to  moved us to West Hartford, as he was then working in Hartford he was the Secretary of the YMCA and then went on to become one of the owners and ran New England Ceramics until that fateful flood hit us in 55. I was very, very lucky to be born and raised there. Perfect childhood. If the economy ever gets strait I plan to move back, been in Florida since I got back from Vietnam, in 68 after 8 years in the USAF,, and boy am I ready to leave. Florida is no longer a paradise, Hotter the Hades, crime is out of control, unemployment is horrible, health care is horrible and it just plain sucks, I yearn to go home and my family is ready to go also..”

Though we have our problems in Torrington, so too does every town in America and across the world. The problems that we face in Torrington are minor in comparison to what we could be dealing with.  We may not be perfect, but that’s what makes us great. Torrington is home to many ordinary people, that are extraordinary in nature.  No place else can I truly say these words: “There’s no place like home.”

 The Warner Theatre. Photo Credit: 60B Photography


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