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Daily Archives: September 8, 2010

In order to manage a successful business, you have to network. It’s a must. In todays modern world, we network in more ways than one. Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have unlocked a whole new world when it comes to social and business networking. In todays fast pace world, we often never have the time to network in real life. That’s where BNI comes in. BNI is Business Networking International, it is not… Read More

  Economic development is crucial. In todays modern world, we cannot stay behind the times, rather stay ahead of the times.  We also, of course, cannot continue to do what we have been doing, if we would like to experience real change, we have to step out of our comfort zone. It’s a hard thing to do. Human nature is to stay within our comfort zone, however when we step out, we have… Read More