Economic Development


New Taco Bell slated to open soon on the top of Route 202 in Torrington.

Economic development is crucial. In todays modern world, we cannot stay behind the times, rather stay ahead of the times.  We also, of course, cannot continue to do what we have been doing, if we would like to experience real change, we have to step out of our comfort zone. It’s a hard thing to do. Human nature is to stay within our comfort zone, however when we step out, we have just unlocked a new world full of unlimited potential. The way I see it, you have to set your fear aside, get a little wild and crazy, and walk right into the unknown.

Torrington, as well as the entire Litchfield Hills region of Connecticut, is no different. We have the tourism. We have the potential. Our region is unique compared to the rest of Connecticut. We are not only the most rural county in Connecticut, but we are also home to the highest elevations as our region is directly in the Appalachian mountain range. Combining these two unique traits together is a powerful thing. It is the whole reason why we have the tourism that we do, as well as the numerous vacation homeowners and celebrities. Furthermore, many of these people pay big bucks for the million dollar views that we have in Litchfield county. When we talk potential for economic development, we don’t need to talk about potential. It’s already here, we just have to act on it.

The city of Torrington is in a unique position. It is the central hub of Litchfield county, not only for arts and culture, but shopping as well. People from all across rural Litchfield county, come to Torrington just to go shopping. Tourists come to Torrington not only to wine and dine and capture all of the arts and entertainment, but to shop as well. We are Litchfield counties shopping center, and today, now more than ever, we are witnessing it first hand as more stores and franchises are built. Torrington is in the middle of economic development, though the key thing to remember is that we have to continue to remember why people come to the Litchfield Hills. Many come here because of our unique attractions as well as the laid back lifestyle and small town life. The people that come here, aren’t interested in the everyday things that they see at home, they much rather shop at the small town boutiques and discover new, unique things that are eye catching to them. It’s important that we not only act on that attraction, but also work to protect that very asset.

This summers Main Street Marketplace in downtown Torrington. Photo credit: 60B Photography

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