Torrington BNI: Unlock your networking potential.

In order to manage a successful business, you have to network. It’s a must. In todays modern world, we network in more ways than one. Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have unlocked a whole new world when it comes to social and business networking. In todays fast pace world, we often never have the time to network in real life. That’s where BNI comes in. BNI is Business Networking International, it is not only the largest business networking organization in the world, but it also is the best resource to learn new ways to market yourself and your business. Imagine this; a group of local business leaders in one room together, networking together, to not only get their name out there, but also to attract more clients as well as future business partnerships. Brilliant!

Today, I was invited to a BNI meeting, which we are very fortunate enough to have right here in Torrington, which not all that many people really knew about. Well, the secrets out! It’s here, and it’s very successful! Business leaders from all across the Torrington area come together at seven o’clock every Wednesday morning at Burns, Brooks & Mc Neil located at 69 Water Street in downtown Torrington. I know what your thinking, seven o’clock is just way to early. Well a wise man once said, the early bird catches the worm, and in this case, the early bird catches success. This mornings meeting was a first for me. I have never heard of BNI and I was interested in learning all about what exactly it entailed. To my surprise, it was not only networking, but also learning about ways to market myself, almost like taking marketing classes! At the end of this very successful meeting, which only lasted for about an hour, you had the opportunity to get to know local business leaders, exchange business cards and set up appointments.

Having a local BNI is not only a huge win for local businesses, it’s also a huge win for the community as we continue to move forward with economic development, which is what I talked about in my previous article. Having this kind of networking event just screams success. It’s neighbors helping neighbors. In fact, I was even helped out myself. When I made the mention that I wrote blogs and promoted local businesses, I made some heads turn. I had one thing that this business leaders did not; time, and plenty of it. Having time to market the local businesses in the area completely eliminates any time that they need to make to market themselves, and since many of them are extremely busy and dedicated to their work, time just isn’t there, which is exactly where I come in.  Little did I know what potentials a blog had. Attending this BNI meeting made me see things in a completely new light.

Looking to attend a Torrington BNI meeting? Your in luck! They will be hosting an open house next Wednesday, September 15th, at 7AM. If you want to further advance your business, I strongly suggest you attend this event. It may just be the recipe you need to unlock your networking potential.

For Torrington BNI Open House information please click here :!/event.php?eid=136729949705045

Business Networking International. Photo Credit: BNI.COM

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. PhingPhing says:

    Wonderful story !!! This is a good for my experience ,thank you for your sharing.


    1. mikevalletta says:

      Your welcome!! Hopefuly you can make it out to their open house event, or at least one of the weekly meetings. It’s well worth it!


  2. Tara Lindberg-Stevens says:

    Thanks for getting the word out Mike! Everyone currently in the Torrington BNI group is just as excited as you are about great things happening in Torrington. This Core Chapter in particular has seen such tremendous growth and energy and that is going to translate into great things for the business of the entire region!

    For your readers who want to learn more visit

    We invite anyone who wants to see firsthand how they can benefit from BNI to come to our open house next Wednesday. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions that I can answer for you.

    Thanks again Mike, see you at BNI……the best morning of your week!

    –Tara Lindberg-Stevens
    Torrington BNI
    (B) 860-496-7933


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