A penny saved, is a penny earned.

Art supplies at Tummy 2 Teenz


In todays economy, saving money is extremely important. We simply cannot afford to spend the money that we had spent in the past. Today, we are much more conservative citizens.  We are lucky enough to have many stores across Litchfield county that realize how the world around us is impacting our spending habits. As families continue to cut corners, many wonder not only how to put food on the table, but how they are going to be able to afford to buy clothes for their growing children. 

Today, I discovered the answer to that question. Tummy 2 Teenz Consignment & Boutique Shop, located on 523 Main Street in Torrington, is the solution for budgeting families. Not only are they low price, but they also have everything you could think of and more. Clothes, art supplies, toys, baby needs, and many more rare finds. The store is actually the location of a previous martial arts studio as well as a former dance studio. It’s interesting what a little paint, hard work, and inspiration will lead you to open, and this store has plenty of inspiration. It’s just the right place for kids. Plenty of color to catch a childs eye, but easy on a mother’s heart as she reaches for her purse. They often offer many BOGO, Buy One Get One, events from the dollar racks. This is a great offering! 

Come October 1st, they will be open for exactly one year and they plan to have a sale celebration in honor of that, though they wouldn’t mention what it was just yet. We all love surprises, and Tummy 2 Teenz is full of surprises! 

A splash of color to save you a dollar!

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  1. mikevalletta says:

    Note to readers: Photo is blurred due to enlargement to show value. Often times, as publishers, we have to make some decissions on the best way to expose the “wow” factor. Not enlarging this perticular photo, the last one showcased, would not have brought this “wow” factor into effect.

    -Mike Valletta
    In touch…with the Litchfield Hills. Your source for everything Litchfield County!


  2. Benito III says:

    Fabulous post! Loved reading your great post, I always can tag it


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