A picture is worth a thousand words

Mike Valletta. Photo by Fazzino Photography. Torrington,CT

 They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Every photo we take, we are able to look at years later and reflect upon the memories of that day, week, month, or year. So many memories could be brought back to life all through one single photo. As a photographer on the side, I enjoy snapping away, capturing the essence of the world around me, because as I know, it won’t be the same world tomorrow.  Same holds true for us. We are indeed ever-changing ,and it’s important that we not only capture the essence of today, but capture the memories that we are creating.

People, pets, homes, and businesses all need to be captured today to be remembered tomorrow. That’s why I trust Fazzino Photography of Torrington,CT. Kim, the photographer, is excellent to work with and knows the field quite well as her experience was not only from a college education, but also passed down from connections in her family. As a positive person, I enjoy being with other positive people, and Kim is one extremely positive person! She’s exactly who you want taking photos of you or your family.

Family portraits by Fazzino Photography.

Recently, I had the pleasure to have a few self-portrait photos taken with Kim and what an experience it was. Her location is great for starters, right on East Main Street in Torrington, though her studio looks nothing like a business. Fazzino Photography is located in a former house, a perfect home like setting where you’ll feel at ease having your pictures taken. There’s no big drafty rooms here, rather a comfortable carpeted studio. I have to admit, this place was pretty snazzy, just as snazzy as Kim. I loved every minute of my photo shoot, even though I haven’t had one since high school, which was six years ago! This was a fun experience and Kim did a great job of keeping me, well, still. I have the worst problem staying still in one place for any period of time, though Kim certainly did her best to ensure I was not only still, but comfortable at the same time.

Kim does a variety of different kinds of photos, including pets. We all love our pets, and they are a part of our family so why not have a photo or two taken of them! Kim also does a lot of traveling. She will travel anywhere for location-based shoots, for a small fee of course. Speaking of fee’s, when you mention this article, you won’t have to pay the full fee for a photo shoot. We are offering 15% off to our readers on any photos that you would like done. I’m so sure that you’ll enjoy your experience, that I’m more than happy to have this offering for you, it’s just another way we’d like to say thank-you for not only all of your support, but also for being a little more local.

Fazzino Photography

778 East Main Street

Torrington,CT 06790

(860) 618-2115

Fazzino Photography offers a variety of photos, including pets!

Mike Valletta can be reached for comment at: NorthwestCTMike@aol.com 

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