Fall Destinations 2010: Norfolk,CT


Fall is in the air and now is a great time to discover all that the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut has to offer.  With our quaint New England towns, as well as our many picturesque hills, nowhere else in Connecticut can you discover fall at it’s best. One of my favorite destinations here in the Litchfield Hills is Norfolk, otherwise known as the “Icebox of Connecticut” due to it’s usually cooler temperatures. This time of year is perfect to discover everything that Norfolk has to offer. You will not only discover breathtaking views of both the southern Berkshires and the Taconic mountains in nearby New York, but you will also discover the small town New England hospitality you have come to expect.


Not only is Norfolk a great place to take in all the views, but it’s also a great place to catch live entertainment. Infinity Music Hall & Bistro is your one stop destination to truly experience it all. Some big names play here such as Taylor Hicks who is scheduled to appear on September 15th. At Infinity, you won’t leave with an empty stomach. Delicious offerings from the Bistro will leave you asking for more, not to mention the wine selection is out of this world, just like the theatre itself. As you stroll through this small town, you’ll notice that there may not be a whole lot here, rather it’s the hills that really come alive as the beautiful fall colors are lake a pastel painting. The best place, however, to take in these views is from Haystack Mountain. A short hike to a tower that sits atop the mountain will give you panoramic views of the surrounding foothills and the nearby Taconic mountains in New York. It is here where you find some of the best photography opportunities in all of Litchfield County.

Once you discover Norfolk for yourself, you’ll realize just how much this town really has to offer.  You won’t find any big box stores here, nor will you find any other type of mainstream franchises. Norfolk is all about being local. It’s not only a wonder to those who live in the Litchfield Hills, but it’s also  a wonder to tourists as well. Norfolk may be the “Icebox of Connecticut” but boy, it sure is hot!

Infinity Music Hall & Bistro. Norfolk,CT

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