Down home BBQ and so much more

Woods is an experience that you simply must see to well as eat to believe!

If you’re looking for real, authentic food here in Litchfield county, you’ve not only come to the right county in Connecticut, but you also have a wide variety of choices to choose from. Italian, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, and right on down to the good old American classics and so much more. Don’t be fooled by our countryside traits, there really is so much to offer here! One of my favorite places to eat is Woods Pit BBQ & Mexican Cafe in Bantam.You not only have to try the food at this place, but you also have to experience the atmosphere here for yourself. It’s a one of a kind attraction. Welcome to the country! If this place doesn’t scream country, than apparently I haven’t been to too many places.

As I travel around Litchfield County, I look for the types of places that, not only can offer me delicious food, but also a hospitality that is second to none, and Woods has hospitality. Walk in, pull up a seat, and get asked if you would like a section of the newspaper. What? Really? Not too many places today would mind you staying for a while. It’s the small gestures like these that make these kinds of places so great. The waitress was more than happy to have a conversation with me as well which was a huge plus, talking about anything and everything from how expensive real estate has gotten in the are to fisher cats in her backyard, though I hoped that a fisher cat wasn’t part of my meal.

Woods Pit BBQ & Mexican Cafe

Once the food came around, I was starving! I mean at this point, I could probably eat a cow or two from the farms down the street, after not eating all day, this was certainly an appetite that was worked up. My mouth-watering cheeseburger was accompanied by sweet potato french fries, which I have never had before, and I can honestly say that there were no complaints from the western front. The meal was terrific, and so was the eye-popping desert I was going to choose. Warm apple crisp was just moments from, well, being devoured. Topped with vanilla ice cream, this was the perfect complement as an after dinner treat, not to mention perfect for the fall season here in the Litchfield Hills.

I was indeed full now, no complaints about being hungry from me. I didn’t even have time to try the delicious mexican food I had heard so much about, though I’m sure I’ll be able to try some on my next visit, which is hopefully soon because as I write this article, my mouth is already watering for the next big adventure to Woods Pit BBQ & Mexican Cafe in Bantam.

By the way, while in Bantam, be sure to check out Bantam Cinema which plays great films in Connecticut’s oldest movie house!

Bantam Cinema

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