Steamed up in Torrington

Steamed Cheeseburgers. "Wicked good!"-Mike Valletta

As a bachelor who lives an on the go lifestyle, finding the right food choices is often critical. Sure there’s McDonald’s, Burger King, as well as countless of other fast food venues, but when you want something local, you have to do a little research. Though I don’t lay claim to be a food critic, I do eat more than my fair share of food. Recently, my good friend Joe “Taco” Kopler recommended I check out Ericka’s Coffee House & Eatery on Route 4, just across from the Northwest Hills Credit Union in Torrington. He told me I absolutely must check out her famous steamed cheeseburgers, which is one thing I have never heard of before, so I decided, being the gutsy guy that I am, to go ahead and give it a whirl, and since it was Joe that was recommending it, it just had to be good.

Well, Joe didn’t let me down. I was impressed after the first bite. The words “Wicked good” immediately came to my mind. I wondered to myself why I hadn’t discovered steamed cheeseburgers in the past, apparently I had really been missing out! Bite after bite after bite, it just kept getting better. Ericka’s is actually pretty new to Torrington or “T-Town” as many of us locals call it. I compliment her on blending my two favorite things together; coffee and dinner. Ericka’s is not a diner, yet she offers moderately paced food that is not only fresh, but also wicked good! I was so glad to find this close to home. After doing a little research online, the nearest steamed cheeseburgers can be found at World Famous Ted’s in Meriden, which is quite the travel distance from the Torrington area.

After my delicious, and very filling, lunch at Ericka’s, I was not only glad that Torrington now had steamed cheeseburgers in town, but I was also glad to see that Ericka’s was also a coffee-house, because after this filling round of food, I was ready to pass out, and there were still plenty of places on my lengthy list to see and do, and sleeping wasn’t included anywhere on this list. Luckily for me, Ericka’s offered a wide variety of coffee choices, though I stuck with my loyal friend french vanilla, it’s the only flavor I choose to get me through the day, and Ericka not only knows how to cook a mean steamed cheeseburger, she also knows coffee, and it was the perfect ending to the perfect hometown meal.

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5 thoughts on “Steamed up in Torrington

  1. Chris

    Based on your recommendation I tried Erika’s last night. I walked in 15 min prior to them closing (not realizing how late it was and that they closed at 8. I was greeted pleasantly and not made felt like I was interrupting their clean up. The burger was as good as you said! The owner and her daughter were very pleasant and told us about all the types of natural foods they serve and how they try to keep it inexpensive but hearty.

    I for sure will be back again soon!

    Thanks for the recommendation.


    1. Chris,

      Thank-You very much for your comment as well as supporting one of our local resteraunts! I am glad to hear that your trip wasn’t at all rushed, many places in the world today would rush you instantly if they were closing. This is business at its best! Be sure to spread the word!

      Mike Valletta
      In touch…with the Litchfield Hills
      Your source for everything Litchfield County!


  2. DJ

    Hi Mike,

    Not to detract from Ericka’s, which sounds great and a must try, but, ‘thought you’d like to know that steamed burgers can also be found at Uncle Willie’s BBQ place in Waterbury. Not quite so near as Ericka’s, but less of a hike than Meriden.


    1. DJ,

      Thank-you for the advice. Waterbury, although a close drive, is not in my reporting area as it is not in the Litchfield Hills region. Though I will be more than happy to give a “shout out” to them! Steamed cheeseburgers really are the thing today…

      Mike Valletta
      In touch…with the Litchfield Hills
      Your source for everything Litchfield County!


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