Fall Destinations 2010: Torrington

Burr Pond in Torrington

Torrington is one of those communities in Connecticut that offer an array of opportunities. You get the best of everything from shopping and dining, to hiking and kayaking. As an up and coming city, Torrington is perfect for all seasons. Nestled in the southern Berkshire Hills, Torrington boasts as a destination point for tourists and residents alike and offers you a great mix of just about everything. From its quaint country Inns, including the Yankee Pedlar Inn in the downtown, to its fine dining choices like Bachi’s, you’ll find yourself with plenty of company as well as enjoying the small town ways of life.

Take a step away from the downtown and instantly walk into the pastoral countryside.  Torrington still offers plenty of rural areas to discover due to its location in the Berkshire Hills. With elevations ranging from as little as 510 feet, to as high as 1,325 feet, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to take in the rural scenery from the scenic vistas from its eastern and western peaks, as well as viewing the valley below, compliments of the Nauguatuck River. With elevations and scenery like this, your sure to capture  some fantastic fall foliage photo opportunities.

Joe is famous for his textured painting that is a see to believe.

While in Torrington, be sure to say hello to our local artist.  Joe “Taco” Kopler has a private art gallery in his home that he shows by appointment only and has some terrific paintings of the Litchfield Hills region. Not only will he show you his gallery, but he’ll also be sure to offer you some great suggestions on the best locations to check out all the great fall foliage in the area. The Torrington area is also your destination for the arts and cultural scene. Establishments like the Artwell Gallery have a lot to offer in the way of the local scene.

When you visit Torrington, you’ll find that its unlike any other city you have been to. Sure, it may have its problems as every town across the globe does, however you really have to discover Torrington for yourself and once you do, you’ll not only want to come back, but you’ll also see just how much potential this place really has. It’s truly an up and coming city, and right now, it’s all eyes on us to see just what we’re going to do next, and we can’t wait for you to come and join us, and what better time than autumn 2010!

Torrington's Main Street Marketplace. Summer 2010. Photo credit: 60b Photography.

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