Opportunities are found at the chamber

Connecticut's Litchfield Hills

Networking happens all around us everyday. Hour by hour, new opportunities arise. Networking with others is essential to not only fill those opportunities, but to make them successful. As of late, I’ve been researching all about different ways to network here in the Litchfield Hills, and I think I found a great way to go about it. Northwest Connecticut’s Chamber, located in Torrington, offers a variety of ways to network with others throughout northwestern Connecticut. They serve twenty towns throughout our region, but have one common vision: to boost the economy business by business.

I decided to learn more about the chamber and how joining them would benefit not only myself, but benefit them as well. We both share a common vision, to boost the local economy as well as driving tourism to the area. As a young adult, I was interested in learning more about their Young professionals group, a group of young talent around the area that are not only successful, but are also beneficial to the community. Recently, they got together for United Ways Day of Caring and helped the local community by doing things such as picking up litter and cleaning up graffiti. It is this type of community involvement that makes the chamber so attractive to so many businesses such as myself.

While at the chamber, I learned all about different kinds of ways to network by attending chamber hosted events such as Coffee ‘n chat, which is happening September 28th at 8AM. Today they hosted Leads Northwest, another fun networking opportunity for local business leaders. It is events like these that make joining the chamber exciting and beneficial to anyone looking to increase their business opportunities in the area. Another thing I learned about was exposure. With the chamber, there are so many unique ways to get exposure for your business. Everything is offered from monthly newsletters, membership directories, and website exposure. Exposure, for my business, is something that attracts me, as I’m sure attracts every other business leader in the area.

When you join the chamber, you’ll really feel like you’re a part of something. Your part of the local community. Not only are you increasing your exposure, but your allowing yourself to network with others who live and work in the area. Who knows, you just may build lasting relationships that will benefit you for years to come.

Northwest Connecticut's Chamber is in progress to convert a local abandoned diner into a welcome center.

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