Taking a glance at autumn

This story is slightly different from others that have been worked on. This story mainly contains a series of photos that portray what the fall season currently looks like here in Connecticut‘s Litchfield Hills. These pictures are current as of September 17th,2010. 

Autumn in The LC. View of Cannan Mountain in Cannan,CT on a crisp fall morning.


In the above picture, the best part about living in the hills is the low cloud cover that seems to roll off the mountainsides. It’s breathtaking every time you see it, and it never seems to stop amazing you. 

Fall colors are starting to really show their true beauty, especially at higher elevations.


 Every year, the foliage is exactly the same. The forest changes from a lush green to a fall festival of warm colors. 

Leaf peeping season is in full bloom, and the forest is ready to impress.


Each year, Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills become quite busy in the fall as tourists flock from all over the globe to experience this beautiful transformation of seasons. 

There are many open roads for you to discover, and filled with color!


 Whichever road you decide to travel in the Litchfield Hills, you can be assured that you’ll find plenty of opportunities to discover. 

Autumn colors coming alive in Torrington,CT.

The fall season has begun here in northwestern Connecticut. Wether your coming to enjoy the scenery, or taste the local flavor from wineries and maple farms, you’ll enjoy all that the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut has to offer, just be sure to not forget your camera. 

Photo Credit: Mike Valletta. Editor/Publisher. Taken with the iPhone 4 

Mike Valletta can be reached for comment at: NorthwestCTMike@aol.com  

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