Out on the boardwalk


The Little Pond Boardwalk


Working a full-time job, I enjoy the days that I have off from it as I often get to explore the Litchfield Hills region in its entirety. I not only get to explore, but I also have an opportunity to tell about it, in my own unique way of course. The places I go and the people who I see make me the person that I am. I’m a travel nut. Anywhere I go, I can almost instantly come up with a story. There are those places, however, that can even leave people like me completely lost for words, and we have several of those places across Litchfield County. They not only leave you speechless, they leave you in amazement as your mind wanders away in a completely new direction.

One of the places that I enjoy strolling around in is Whites Woods in White Memorial in Litchfield. What a place! Not only are you surrounded by a tall pine forest canopy, but your also surrounded by nature lovers alike. White Memorial is a hit with nature enthusiasts. A place that is an absolute hit with the locals is The Little Pond Boardwalk. This boardwalk is an elevated wooden walkway which allows visitors to explore the wetland environment around Little Pond. Built in the 1960’s, this boardwalk covers 1.2 miles of Little Pond Trail and allows you access to several different wetland habitats. It’s easily accessible from Whites Woods Road in Litchfield.

Explore the wetlands in Whites Woods.


The trail is great and starts at Whites Woods Road past a wooden gate. Once your on the trail, it’s all backwoods from here. Enter a world you only dreamed about. Spacious. Tranquil. Scenic. Walk along a wooden boardwalk that carries you through a world of wonder. The only thing you’ll hear out here is birds and maybe a few scattered voices of wandering people who are also on the boardwalk. As you wander through the wetlands, you’ll see an array of wildlife. During the spring and fall, it gets really interesting, especially for bird watchers, as bird migrations begin to take place. During the early stages of summer, you’ll love it even more as an array of wildflowers are in full bloom. This place really comes alive and is perfect for all seasons. In fact, you can bring a camera along each time and in each different season, you’ll have a completely different shot. It’s truly nature at it’s best.

Once you experience the boardwalk for yourself, you’ll begin to understand why this place is a hit with the locals. Unwind yourself from a hard day at work and experience life at a slower pace. No time is better than the present to catch up with it all, but remember this; as many photo’s that you take, don’t forget to experience the place for yourself. Photos can only tell half the story.

Don't forget to experience Whites Woods for yourself.


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Racing for a cause

There is no doubt that our local YMCA‘s are an asset to the communities that they serve. They build stong kids, strong families, and strong communities. The Northwestern Connecticut YMCA has three locations throughout northwestern Connecticut; Torrington, Winsted, and Cannan. Each of these locations are committed to this goal and build programs to promote it. You can find a variety of activities at “The Y” such as indoor swimming, indoor cycling, and group exercise as well as a variety of other activities. In recent years, they decided to really get the community involved by hosting The YMCA Grand Prix, a road race that takes place in each of the three communities that they serve. Prizes are given out at each of the races and computer timing is done by Greystone Electronics.

The YMCA doesn’t focus on profiting from these events, however. All proceeds from the races go directly to their Strong Kids campaign which helps to provide financial assistance to qualifying children and families to participate in YMCA programs at a reduced cost. Talk about a complete win for the community! With so much going on in todays very busy society, it’s important to focus on our health, and for those who can’t afford a good workout program, the YMCA finds a way to lend a helping hand.

If you’re looking to get involved in a couple of these road races, you’re in luck! The YMCA held the Cannan 5 mile road race earlier this summer but will be hosting two more events in the coming weeks. The second race, the Highland Lake 10k, takes place on October 2nd 2010 at 9:00AM with registration being at the state boat launch on Winsted Lake. The third race, the Sunny Brook 5K Cross Country Race, which is in honor of John Ponte, will take place at Sunny Brook State Park in Torrington on November 7th 2010 at 10:30 am. This year’s Sunny Brook race is helped being sponsored by community companies and families such as Action Wildlife, The Pickard Family, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital, Burns Brooks & McNeil, and Valley Energy. They are still, however, looking for even more companies to sponsor this event.

Anyone looking to attend any of these events, or any local companies looking to sponsor the events should contact:

Matthew Plourde
Marketing & Communications Coordinator
259 Prospect Street
Torrington, CT 06790

email: mplourde@northwestctymca.org

phone: 860-489-3133

If your ready to sign up, be sure to check out their website, http://www.northwestctymca.org/, and find the links to the YMCA Grand Prix Races. Not only are you sure to have a great time, but your also lending a helping hand to those in need in your community. In the end, we all win with our local YMCA.

Northwest Connecticut YMCA

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