Opinion: Life in Torrington

The Warner Theatre. Photo Credit: 60b Photography.

The brawl at The Warner Theatre in downtown Torrington this past Saturday night got plenty of people, well, in an uproar. Being in a small town, we take any type of matter like this very seriously. It is scenes like this, however, that reinforce the negative mindset of people here in Torrington that Torrington has too many problems and is worth moving away from. Present day Torrington does, like any town in America, have its problems. We have gone from small town to small city and we are expanding ever so quickly. More people are discovering that Torrington is the place to be due to it’s economically affordable housing, laid back atmosphere, and its picturesque surroundings in the Berkshire Hills.

Too many people, however, feel that Torrington is no longer the place to be. I, however, completely disagree with that statement. Sure we have our problems, but we don’t have nearly as many problems as the big cities in our state do. What we have going on in Torrington is mild in comparison. We don’t have to live in fear that we’re going to get attacked for walking on the street in the middle of broad daylight, or even at night. Our crime rate is extremely low compared to that of other Connecticut cities, and we thank our local law enforcement for keeping it that way as they work hard all hours of the day to ensure the safety of our cities residents.


Back in July of this year, I made a small contribution to an article in The Register Citizen during their Ben Franklin Project. It was on the public safety factor of downtown Torrington, which you can read here. In it, I stated that I felt very safe in Torrington. I did, however, state that we need to instill town pride in our cities residents, getting people active again with the community as this is an important step to take to further grow our cities future. We can’t move forward without first including the residents of our city. I feel we did a great job of that this past summer with the Main Street Marketplace in downtown. What a great event!  Locals and tourists alike attended the event, which took place every Thursday night from 5-8PM. It was really an event that brought the whole community together. I applaud everyone involved, including the countless volunteers, who made the event possible.

Though some may disagree with me, Torrington is a great place to live. To this day, I am proud to call Torrington home. Moving here over a year ago, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew of Torrington from family that had lived here, and loved coming to Torrington to see them. Torrington’s small town charm, as well as it’s laid back atmosphere, are some of the things that attracted me here in the first place, as well as its close proximity to local ski resorts. Over the course of my year here, I witnessed a few changes here and there, though nothing major. Summer brought with it many weekeneders who came up from New York to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Autumn brings leaf peepers to the area and winter brings with it skiers and riders from all walks of life. Torrington is still a great place to live, and I couldn’t think of any other place I rather call home.

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