Time for change

Autumn 2010. Photo Credit: Sarah Pertoso

As the lazy days of summer fade away, we reflect on all the memories that were created. So many of us longed for the summer to come about so we can break out of our shells and escape the ordinary. Wether we spent those lazy days by the ocean waves on the beach, or on lakeside retreats here in the hills, we will never forget the times we spent with family and friends.

Though now it’s time for us to turn over a new leaf. As the fall colors blossom and our tans fade away, we bring those summer memories with us as we prepare for togetherness and get ready for the upcoming holiday season. So many of us, however, become so consumed in our everyday lives during this time of year that often times, we forget to enjoy the company of others as we did during the lazy days of summer. Autumn is a time for reflection, a time for change. After all, we can’t move forward into the future without first making changes to the present.

One of my favorite things to do is to bring my friends up to Litchfield County during this time of year and enjoy all the sights and sounds of fall. Not only are we enjoying the autumn days together, but we are spending quality time that otherwise might have been forgotten about. We enjoy anything and everything wether it be hiking the trails of the Appalachian, or exploring the sights from an old fire tower atop Haystack Mountain in Norfolk, you just can’t beat a fall day in “The LC”.

Autumn brings an array of colors like bright orange pumpkins. Photo Credit: Sarah Pertoso.

As we travel along the landscape, local farmers work hard to please the public. Maple farms and apple orchards alike are especially busy this time of year as tourists flock from all over the globe to experience fall in New England. No place else does the experience go hand in hand with the vast amount of color the landscape paints as the lush green landscape of summer fades away to a fall delight of warm colors. New England does a great job of displaying her beauty this time of year and Connecticut‘s Litchfield Hills is just a sampling of what she has to offer. There’s a whole region to explore, and we can’t explore it without first motivating ourselves to bring back togetherness during this time of year. It’s time to gather family and friends and explore everything our region has to offer before the opportunity fades away to those cold long winter days.

An autumn day in Colebrook on 9.23.2010 Photo Credit: Mike Valletta

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  1. Farfel says:

    Great photo of Sandy Brook…. that’s across from my house!


    1. mikevalletta says:

      Good Morning!

      You are absolutely correct! That is Sandy Brook, it’s an excellent photo and I just couldn’t help but to get a great shot of it. Amazingly, this was captured only using an iPhone!

      Mike Valletta
      In touch…with the Litchfield Hills
      Your source for everything Litchfield County!


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