Sound Off goes live

LIVE shot of Sound Off chat as viewed on an iPhone.

On Wednesday September 22nd, 2010, The Register Citizen, a newspaper that serves northwestern Connecticut and is operated under the name of The Foothills Media Group, featured something that was indeed a move to deserve a little recognition. The “RC” featured a live chat on their popular Sound Off section of their website,

Sound Off, as most know, is a section of their website where readers speak their minds on daily stories and happenings. It’s a very popular section with the locals and on Wednesday, The Register Citizen made it even more popular by hosting a live chat that engaged the community, not only with others in the community, but the reporters who tell the stories as well. It was a move, I feel, should be applauded. As other newspaper companies struggle to survive, The Journal Register Company, which owns The Register Citizen, has moved to a “digital first” method of reporting. This type of reporting brings news to their audience in real-time via their website, instead of waiting for the news to come out in print the next day. It just makes sense to have this as most of us now receive our news online instead of in print.

Wednesday nights Sound Off, which took place at 7PM, had a topic of conversation which was a current hot topic, the appointment of Rick Dalla Valle as our cities new emergency management director. The community weighed in with their thoughts and concerns in the chat feature on their website, taking the Sound Off section to an entirely new platform.

Though I personally did not have the opportunity this time around to get in on the conversation, I look forward to future chat opportunities on Sound Off with others in the community. In todays very busy world, it’s great to bridge the gap between technology and community, as many of us often don’t have time to debate current hot topics face to face, and debating current hot topics with a newspaper company that serves your community further brings the community together in more ways than one. Great job RC!

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