Bring on the meat!

Mouth watering meat awaits you at The Meat House in Avon. Photo Credit:

Everyday, I’m in search of new places to sink my teeth into. I’m always out looking for the best in local. The local flavor has so much to offer, and in this economy it’s especially important to support our local neighbors. A good friend of mine suggested I make a visit to The Meat House on West Main Street in Avon. Though it wasn’t my usual stomping grounds here in the Litchfield Hills, the words “it’s all local” immediately made me want to go check this place out. It was simply an opportunity I just couldn’t help but to pass up. I mean common’ it’s meat. What guy would want to pass up a visit to a butcher shop?

The Meat House is actually a national chain that franchises locations across the country. They, however, source their food as local as they possibly could. Everything from meats to milk are from the local area. In fact, a bottle of milk I was interested in was from a farm in West Simsbury. The Meat House originally started back in 2003 in Portsmith,NH by Jason Parent and Justin Rosberg. Since its start, they have received many awards from local critics and they continue to be a growing company, though still not losing sight of keeping things local. Not only are they well-known for their local food offerings, but they are also well-known for their hospitality. The Meat House is a place “where the product selection is rivaled only by the service you receive”.

The Meat House. Photo Credit:

They had the service alright. I can’t begin to tell you how many people said hello to me. What a way to put the customer back in customer service. During my visit today, I decided to try the pulled BBQ sandwich, which just happened to be one of their specials.  A quick take of the order along with my name would have me waiting just for a few minutes while my food was being prepared for my mouth to devour. A quick tour around the store had my eyes noticing everything that the local area offered. Everything that they sourced, proudly had the name of the local farm right next to it.

Once my order was ready, I couldn’t wait to see what my friend was bragging to me about it. A quick checkout at the register and then a quick drive up to Colebrook River Lake in Colebrook where I could enjoy the scenery while enjoying this tasty lunch, had me in business! I was prepared for what was about to hit me and once it did, it was the most delicious pulled BBQ sandwich I have sunk my teeth into. Oh man was it good! My friend hadn’t steered me in the wrong direction at all. Not only did he steer me in the right direction for food, but he also steered me in the right direction for good customer service which is exactly what I love about an establishment. Customer service these days, in most places, are practically non-existent, and today I discovered it all over again at The Meat House in Avon. Well worth the journey!

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