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September 27, 2010

Local business celebrates 1 year in Torrington.

A splash of color to save you a dollar!

In today’s economy, not many businesses have done a great job of staying afloat. Hard times pounded on local businesses crushing many business owners life long dreams. One local business, however, survived the times and is celebrating one year of service to the Torrington community. Tummy2Teenz Consignment Shop, located on Main Street in Torrington celebrates their one year in Torrington on Saturday October 2nd, 2010.

On that day, the entire community has been invited to join in on the celebration. It’s a way for them to say “Thank-You” to everyone for all of the support of the store. Events kickoff at 10AM but last until 4PM. Many events have been planned for the day. From 10-2:30, enjoy a treat on the house as you get to choose your own style! Pick a balloon and find out what kind of discount you’ll receive, which is anywhere from 15%-40% off of your entire purchase!

The best deal by far for the day is the “$1 hour” which takes place from 2:30-3:30. All clothing and shoes will be just $1.00 for an entire hour! This is a great time to stop in as at 3:30, they will be serving birthday cake as well! Who couldn’t go for a tasty treat after all that shopping? It’s quite the offering!

Throughout the day, there will also be refreshments as well as kids activities and an array of  prizes! There will also be special appearances from The Torrington Warrior Midget Football Players & Cheerleaders.

This is a fantastic way to celebrate the success of one local business. A celebration such as this is another example of why supporting our local businesses is so important. These are our neighbors and when we support them, they give back to us in more ways than one. Today, now more than ever, it’s the local economy that matters the most, and in Torrington we’re happy to have Tummy2Teenz as part of our local economy, and we hope to have them for many years to come.

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Revisiting the vineyard

Autumn is the perfect time of year to discover the array of wineries that Litchfield County has to offer. It is also the time of year that many of the local wineries get to show off their local flavor. One local winery, Sunset Meadow Vineyards of Goshen, did just that. This weekend, September 25th and September 26th, they held their Harvest Festival which included everything from wine tastings to vineyard tours and hay rides!

Unwinding at Sunset Meadow Vineyards in Goshen


I had the opportunity on Sunday to attend the festivities and enjoy a glass of wine. Okay, so I admit, it was much more than just one glass! Between the Sunset Blush and the New Dawn wines, the offerings at Sunset were out of this world! One glass simply would not do justice. After relaxing for a little while under the tent enjoying the picturesque hillside views that our region has to offer, I met up with some old friends and family members who, like me, couldn’t resist a glass of wine. Not only did we enjoy a few glasses of wine together, but we also had a wonderful time catching up and reminiscing about life. It is days like this that just make you think how great life really is.

After catching up, we decided it was time to enjoy something else Sunset offered up. Wine slushies! Yes, you read that right. It was something I personally couldn’t resist, and once I had it, I wanted more of its luscious delight, though I knew my limits and decided I would have more the next time around.

Sunset offered up an amazing afternoon, it was one of those days that you just didn’t want to end. The fest was filled with a handful of local vendors who offered up everything from artwork to food and even a few good musicians too! An afternoon on the vineyard was more than anything I could have asked for, and Sunset Meadow Vineyards did a fantastic job of not only entertaining us, but also letting us enjoy a perfect autumn day here in Connecticut‘s Litchfield Hills.

Taking in the picturesque views of Litchfield County at Sunset Meadow Vineyards.


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