TDC enters the social arena.

Social media is exploding  more than ever before. If you’re not on sites such as Facebook or Twitter, your missing out on some pretty powerful networking opportunities. Today we are able to connect with local TV personalities as well as meet local members of our community all through the likes of the social media websites. It’s no wonder so many people are getting in on the action.

Torrington,CT USA "06790"

Starting today, September 28th, 2010, you can now stay up to date with everything that’s happening at the Torrington Development Corporation. The Torrington Development Corporation has made their way to Facebook, where they currently have a fan page listed here, and on Twitter, listed here, where you can follow all of their tweets on all that’s happening here in Torrington. This is just one more way that the TDC is staying connected with the community. With so much going on in Torrington these days, it’s important to stay up to date on all the progress that our up and coming city is making.

The Torrington Development Corporation plays an important role in economic development. According to their mission statement, they look to improve our cities economic base while supporting a vibrant community. Their goals are to promote economic development,promote regional arts and tourism, preserve Torrington’s heritage, and improve pedestrian and traffic circulation as well as other street scape activities.

When you look at the amount of economic progress that Torrington is making, it was indeed the right move for the TDC to enter the world of social media. Connecting with the community, keeping everyone up to date on current happenings and progress being made, is critical to moving our city into the future. It is, of course, the people of this city that make it what it is today and we can only move into the future if we all stay connected and become a part of its transformation.

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