Changing of the seasons

Without a doubt, fall is out as we change gears here in Litchfield county and get ready for a very long winter, as every winter is here in the hills. This autumn season has been, without a doubt, spectacular. It started out early but as it does every year, the foliage really entertained not only … Continue reading Changing of the seasons


Escape the everyday

Have you been searching for a unique place where you can go and just unwind without the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the real world? We have a variety of those locations across the Litchfield Hills but one in particular stands out from the crowd. Dennis Hill, located in Norfolk, is a quick escape, … Continue reading Escape the everyday

Candy Bouquet opens Saturday

  If you are looking for something sweet in Torrington, you won't have to look far come Saturday. Candy Bouquet on 274 East Main Street will be your one stop shop for everything sweetness and officially opens its doors to the Litchfield Hills community on Saturday. This isn't your ordinary candy shop, however.  It is … Continue reading Candy Bouquet opens Saturday

Natural gifts done the local way

The autumn season has just about ended here in Litchfield county and we all know what that means, the holidays are right around the corner. It's a special time of year, a time to spend with family and friends as we exchange gifts with one another as a way of saying thank-you for all they … Continue reading Natural gifts done the local way

Winds of change at The Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival, which took place in downtown Torrington on October 22nd 2010, was without a doubt a huge success. A crisp autumn night here in Litchfield county warmed the hearts of many as they flocked to Main Street to join in the festivities. Many understood, however, that this festival was much more than just … Continue reading Winds of change at The Harvest Festival

Bucolic New England

Here in New England we have an amazing opportunity each and every fall to experience such a fantastic season that unfolds in front of us. The leaves turn magnificent shades of a variety of warm colors as our cool autumn nights lead to early morning frost. Many of us here in New England also enjoy … Continue reading Bucolic New England

Thank-you, everyone

As a writer, it is extremely important to be connected to my audience. If I can't be connected, then I have not done my job well and have lost touch with my audience. Many of you are probably wondering why I have been absent from posting anything in almost a week, which for me is … Continue reading Thank-you, everyone