Time to invest in Downtown Torrington

Press conference with Torrington Downtown Partners LLC in Bender Showrooms in Torrington on October 1,2010.

The time has come. We have embarked on a new journey here in Torrington,CT. You see, as a community, we have just made history. We have made one huge vital step in turning the tables around and, as a community, we have started doing something about the fate of our downtown. So many have longed for something like this to take place, and for many like myself, today was a very emotional day. One large block of properties have been purchased in our downtown but it’s revitalization lies in the hands of members of the community thanks to Torrington Downtown Partners LLC who recently acquired seven buildings in the heart of our downtown.

Torrington Downtown Partners now represents a total of 27 storefronts and more than 70 office and apartment units, though they have done something rather unique with their purchase. They have involved the community, an idea sparked by The Journal Register Companies crowdsourcing business model, of which local newspaper organizations owned by JRC let the community submit individual reports which then get used to report a story. Through Torrington Downtown Partners LLC, members of the community can own a piece of downtown Torrington at just $100 and this could entitle them to vote on choices about the development of these properties as well as possible discounts of the retail tenants.

During a press conference at Bender Showrooms in Torrington on Friday October 1st 2010, details of the project were let out and so was the energy of revitalizing our great downtown! Local leaders such as Mayor Ryan Bingham and JoAnn Ryan of the Northwest Chamber of Commerce were in attendance and spoke about the positives of this project and sold the idea to members of the press. It is without any doubt that we are all in agreement of this project. We, as a community, are turning our town around and making the city of Torrington not only a better place to live and work today, but also a better place for future generations.

 October 1st, 2010 will long be a day that is talked about in history. It is the day where our community came together and said “We’re up on downtown!” For years, downtown Torrington was neglected as the chains started coming in and making their mark on our city. Many of the store fronts closed up shop in the wake of this, however today we are saying “yes” to the mom and pops! We are saying “yes” to local! We are saying “yes” to downtown revitalization, and today we have just made history by taking a step forward in the absolute right direction. I invested my $100 and I believe it’s time to get this thing started!

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