Why Kent is number one

Hay bales and scarecrows are around to welcome you to Kent

Yankee magazine, which is the voice of New England, recently rated Kent,CT here in Litchfield county as the number one town in all of New England for autumn foliage. Today, I decided to venture out to find out just what made Kent such a special place. I’ve been to Kent hundreds of times and have always fallen in love with its small town charm and rustic New England ways.

Todays trip was just about the same, if not better. Autumn is just starting to turn the trees some pretty amazing colors out here, and the autumn atmosphere is everywhere in town as well. From scarecrows to pumpkins and hay bales, you won’t miss out on the fact that it is autumn in New England. Kent is a small town, like most towns here in Litchfield county. It’s the type of town where they say hello to you no matter what store you walk into, though you won’t find any big boxes here. Kent is known for its mom and pop operations, which makes it a tourist delight since many people who flock to Kent come from sprawling cities and suburbs.

Kent Falls State Park is a must see.

A stroll around town will have you thinking you’re a world away. New England small town hospitality is everywhere in this quaint Litchfield Hills town. Art galleries are everywhere and are one of Kent’s best treasures. Local artists remain inspired by natural wonders of the region. Around town you can find many artists who paint everything from main street scenes to Macedonia State Park. Though it is one park in particular, however, that is the most popular park in all of Kent. Kent Falls State Park is a must see! If you forget to visit this place, you better turn around as this park has a lot to offer you. Cascading waterfalls from multiple levels are just one of the many aspects that keep visitors of the park to keep coming back for more.

The falls are home to some of the best scenery in all of western New England. In fact, it is often used as a backdrop for many weddings and proposals, and it’s no wonder why. Who wouldn’t want to get married surrounded with such astounding beauty that our region has to offer.

Autumn especially brings many visitors to the park as well. You can’t help but love warm fall colors against a set of waterfalls, though that’s not all. Take a short hike up the hillside and capture different foliage views along the way. As you climb up the hill you’ll notice different vistas you can look out from and take in all that Kent Falls has to offer you. These falls are amazing, because it’s not just one giant stream falling from one destination, rather it’s one stream of water falling from multiple destination points, thus creating multiple falls in one area.

As you tour the park, unwind your time. There’s no reason to rush your time here in Kent. Be sure to make your way to the very top of the falls where you will be able to look out from one scenic vista point that is truly a nature lovers delight as you capture the hillsides as your backdrop and the falls cascading in front of you. It is at this point, where you stop to reflect and take a few photos of the surroundings that are around you.

Fife 'n Drum

Kent Falls is great, but your most definitely going to work up quite the appetite from all that hiking. A local favorite, as well as a personal favorite, is the Fife n’ Drum restaurant  located right on Main Street in town. Connecticut Magazine was recently quoted as saying this about the restaurant: “A restaurant like this doesn’t become a legend without maintaining a perfect balance between the old and the new.” This statement couldn’t sum it up any better. A perfect mix is absolute right. Litchfield Hills eclectic yet still fitting with the ways of the twenty-first century. The food offered is just as top-notch as the service, which is essential from a long days worth of exploring in Kent.

Many can recommend, but you absolutely must discover Kent for yourself. It is nothing without personal enjoyment and discovery. Once you discover this quaint Litchfield Hills town for yourself, you’ll understand why it was ranked as the number one town for foliage in all of New England, it just may make you get a canvas and start painting the sights, or just pick up a camera, either way, you can’t go wrong with all that Kent has to offer!        

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Elissa Potts says:

    Dear Mike
    My husband just forwarded this to me…what a nice review! As I am the daughter of the owner at the Fife, as well as the President of the Kent Chamber of Commerce, I am going to read your write up at our meeting tonight. You put into words what we, as the Chamber of Commerce, strive for everyday…to keep Kent special. And you are right, it is so Mom and Pop here…
    I am delighted that the Fife is one of your favorites… the next time you are in, please come and introduce yourself to me.
    Elissa Potts


    1. mikevalletta says:

      Dear Elissa,

      Thank-You so much for the wonderful feedback! I absolutely love Kent and it is an amazing place that all should venture to! The mom and pops are truly what make up Kent, and everyone in town should be proud of that fact that they have helped to keep them there.

      I am more than delighted to hear that you will be reading my review out, thank-you so much! It means the world to me have the kind of support that I do. I will be sure to come back often, and will surely introduce myself!

      Thank-You again!

      Mike Valletta
      In touch….with the Litchfield Hills
      Your source for everything Litchfield County!


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