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City of Torrington,CT which is home to Northwest Connecticut's Chamber.

Tonight, I had a unique opportunity to visit with other business leaders of the community here in northwestern Connecticut, and what a treat it was. Northwest Connecticut Chamber of Commerce hosts this cool event called Business After Hours which is one of the chambers many unique events, and during Business After Hours, you get to meet some pretty incredible people! Members and guests of the chamber, meet up in a social networking fashion to exchange business cards and business ideas to help grow each others businesses. The best part is, there may be competition in the room, but they are still looking out for each other as a way to help grow the local economy.

I was a guest at the event as I am not yet a chamber member, though soon plan to be. It was truly a fantastic event that I was fortunate enough not to miss out on. It was held at Litchfield Laser Skin Care, which is a local business that is also a member of the chamber of commerce. The food was provided by a local Inn, Interlaken Inn of Lakeville,CT, which could have not been a better pick for the festivities! I met up with many business leaders from around the area that I have come to know and love over the past few months. Business leaders like Tara Lindberg-Stevens from Candy Bouquet Franchise #6530 were in attendance and told me all about her amazing progress into business ownership. Tara will soon be opening up a retail establishment right on East Main Street here in Torrington, so now all of her sweet goodness will be passed onto the Litchfield Hills region and beyond. Not only that, Tara’s location is also a perfect complement for the downtown area, which we are all very much involved in turning around.

Torrington Development Corporation

Another friend of mine, Cindy Donaldson from the Torrington Development Corporation, was also on the scene and explaining to me many exciting upcoming events that were planned for downtown Torrington such as The Northwest Connecticut Harvest Festival, which is planned for October 22nd 2010 from 5PM-9pm right on Main Street in downtown Torrington. It’s a fun night that is planned for the entire family and is much like our Main Street Marketplace events that occurred this past summer.

I met many business owners of all ages from all across Litchfield County, however we were bound by one common mission; to make northwestern Connecticut a better place to live and work not only for us, but for future generations.When you attend a chamber event, you’ll come to realize just how much of a vested interest these folks have for the communities that they live and work in, after all, it’s their home too, and they would love to share it with you.

Learn more about the chamber HERE.

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