Moving Forward

Downtown Torrington through the eyes of 60b Photography.

In the October 5th article published by The Register Citizen, it was mentioned that new hope was in sight for downtown Torrington as restaurant owners are now looking to move in thanks to the work of Torrington Downtown Partners which purchased one entire city block in the downtown and made it available for everyone in the community to invest in by members of the community investing one-hundred dollars a share. This move is of course applauded by many who have been fighting to bring the downtown back to life.

All of this, however, should come as no surprise as Torrington is the next up and coming city of Connecticut and serves as a central hub for all those living in the Litchfield Hills region. There are those, however, that disagree with the whole downtown revival and firmly believe that a new downtown was created in Torrington’s east end, Torringford, where an array of shopping plazas now sit including the likes of Target, Walmart, Panera Bread and soon, another Taco Bell. A second Stop & Shop also opened up this past summer and sits directly across from the Walmart shopping plaza. In Torringford, you can also get great food to eat from places like The Pizza Palace and George’s Resteraunt. With this kind of expansion happening up in Torringford, it’s no wonder why so many people think that it has become the new downtown Torrington.

A downtown, however, is not defined by how many shopping places it has to offer. In New England, we define our downtowns as historic centerpieces to our towns, cultivating the past while living and planning for the future. Our downtown is just that, historic. In fact, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Many of these buildings have some pretty incredible architecture inside and out which you can get a taste of by visiting the new Bender Showrooms on Main Street.

After years of decay and abandonment, there is finally change in the air in downtown Torrington. All of this historic value is being brought back to life through revitalization efforts like Torrington Downtown Partners and plans made by the Torrington Development Corporation. Our downtown is, without a doubt, becoming a downtown all over again. We are continuing to prove all the naysayers completely wrong as we work hard to bring our downtown back to life for everyone in the region, and it is becoming more evident today now that businesses want an “in” on downtown Torrington.

TDC's rendering of the future downtown Torrington.

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2 thoughts on “Moving Forward”

  1. Hello everyone,

    Just a quick correction note to this article: The Taco Bell mentioned will not be a second one to our city. The one located on High Street in the Stop & Shop Plaza will be relocating to the Torringford location. I want to thank a reader who brought this to my attention over on the Facebook fan page. I apologize for having this incorrect information listed in the article.

    Mike Valletta
    In touch..with the Litchfield Hills
    Your source for everything Litchfield County!


  2. I was just going to say that, as the Google Reader app on my phone doesn’t show comments. I hear that once the old TB is vacated Stop and Shop is planning on using the area for a S&S gas station.


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